Tests of Character

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What sort of a sledger would you be?

Warning: asterisks ahead

1. When a new batsman walks in, you will:

2. When a batsman hits a six, you will:

3. How will you react if a batsman refuses to walk after a clear edge?

4. If an opposition player threatens physical violence, you will:

5. Will you mouth off once the umpires have intervened?

6. If an opposition player shoulder-barges you and pretends it was an accident, you will:

7. What will you do if the opposition captain says he'll make you grovel?

8. What would you do if an opposition player predicts a 5-0 win for his team, and you then go on to whitewash them?

9. While sharing breakfast with a member of the opposition, what will you do if he leaves his tea unattended for a few minutes?

10. Is it okay to bring family into a sledge?

11. Does Stuart Broad qualify as a sledger?

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