Tests of Character

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Are you a cricketing smarty-pants?

In other words, do your friends find your conversations about the game annoying?

1. While watching a match, your friend wonders if Dale Steyn is a chucker. Your reaction is:

2. Your friends want to go to Sri Lanka to watch a few matches of the World Twenty20. They ask you which matches to go for. You say that depends on:

3. A friend remarks that India's selectors have gone nuts and have not planned for the future at all. You say:

4. What are the qualities an ideal friend of yours should have?

5. If you could be friends with a cricketer, who would you pick and why?

6. If your friend is planning a cricket-themed wedding and asks you to organise it, what would you do?

7. You meet some new people at a party. How do you introduce yourself?

8. Your friend is sending fan mail to Ricky Ponting. What advice do you give him?

9. If you've had a fight with your friend, how do you make up?

10. You just lost a cricket bet to your friend. Will you accept your loss graciously and pay up?

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