Talat Ali speaks of the new captain May 11, 2007

Pakistan manager confident of Malik's success

Cricinfo staff

Talat Ali is certain that the 25-year old Shoaib Malik will go on to become a successful captain © AFP

Talat Ali, Pakistan team's manager, has spoken about his admiration for Shoaib Malik and is certain that he will go on to become a successful captain. Ali, who is also acting as the team coach for the Abu Dhabi series, was impressed at the manner in which Malik carried himself during the training camp in Lahore.

"Malik carries a good head on his shoulders. He makes a lot of sense and the way he has carried himself on the field since taking over as Pakistan captain, it is clear to me that this player is the right man for the job," Talat told The News. "Personally, I have a feeling that he has a bright future as Pakistan captain though you could only tell for sure after actually seeing him do the job in international matches."

Regarding reports of a rift in the team due to the appointment of a young captain, Talat rejected the impression saying that the mood in the Pakistani camp is very positive in spite of the change at the top.

"The attitude of all the players is very positive," said Talat. "And the vibes I've been getting from the senior players are no different, they are all backing the new captain. It was crystal clear that everybody was supporting the new captain."

Talat, however, agreed that Pakistan as well as Malik need to produce some positive results in the coming months to recompose their shattered confidence. "We need results and need them quick. Winning makes a lot of difference which is why beating Sri Lanka would do us a lot of good."

The three-match floodlit ODI series between Pakistan and and an under-strength Sri Lanka starts on May 18.