Former captain speaks January 7, 2006

'I will play in the 2007 World Cup' - Ganguly

Cricinfo staff

'I'm not an insecure man. I am not dependant on cricket for my life' - Sourav Ganguly © Getty Images

Sourav Ganguly has expressed confidence of playing in the 2007 World Cup and believes he has "lot to offer to Indian cricket as a batsman". Citing his record in the one-dayers in 2004 (Ganguly was the third highest run-getter after Rahul Dravid and Kumar Sangakkara) in an interview to The Hindustan Times Ganguly said: "I do not agree that I lost form in the one-day format. But such things have not happened to me alone. All players go through a lean patch, it happens in a game like cricket. ...I am still good enough to give Indian cricket something back. I will be back in the Indian one-day squad and I will play in the 2007 World Cup".

Dona Ganguly, his wife, offered a rare insight on her husband's mindset on the recent controversies, "This whole Greg-Sourav saga has left him shattered but he never shows it." For his part Ganguly said, "There is no problem and he [Chappell] has told Sharad Pawar that he has no problem with me. I have read a lot in the newspapers about the whole issue, but apart from the email that Chappell sent to the board, the rest is mere speculation and I would not like to believe it."

Ganguly also expressed his gratitude to Pawar for talking to the senior players and later telling the media "that all the stories regarding my creating problems in the team are not true. He is the man who cleared my name." He also termed Dravid as a "great player and a great team man to have" and voiced his wishes and support for Dravid's captaincy. "He is turning out to be an outstanding captain. But let me add one thing. It is easier to captain at home as a lot of things fall into a set pattern. It is much more difficult to captain outside your own country. Rahul will realize that but I am sure he will respond well to pressure."

Looking ahead on his career, he said, "I don't have to prove to the world I can play. I will go out and give my best shot. I am confident I will succeed. But even if I don't it won't be the end of my life. ...I'm not an insecure man. I am not dependant on cricket for my life. If I fail I will think of something else".