Australia in South Africa, 2005-06 April 2, 2006

Hussey irked at stump mikes

Cricinfo staff

Details of heated scenes on the pitch have been heard on air © Getty Images

Mike Hussey has said Australia were disappointed that pitch microphones had not been turned off between deliveries during the first two Tests at Cape Town and Durban. The Australian team management had complained to Chris Broad, the ICC match referee, who agreed that the international protocol for pitch microphones to be turned off between deliveries had not been adhered to.

"From a player point of view, the disappointing thing is that we weren't told they were on the whole time," Hussey told AAP today. "We were under the impression that they were only on for certain periods or they only broadcast certain bits that were said. So when we found out that they were basically doing the whole lot, then we were a bit disappointed."

Broad, who met with local broadcaster SABC in order to rectify the situation ahead of the ongoing third Test at the Wanderers, said that he would closely watch the situation for the remainder of the match. Hussey, however, maintained that Australia were surprised that their comments were being heard on air. "It is difficult, because you do get emotional on the field and there are going to be things said and done. Some things certainly aren't appropriate for young listeners," he added.

Tony Greig raised the issue earlier this week at a corporate lunch. "Let's face it, these stump mikes, we have to seriously turn them down," he said. "I was just hoping that they had it turned down on air because that's the sort of thing that can lose your licence to air."