India in South Africa 2010-11 November 19, 2010

Dhoni requests rest ahead of South Africa tour

ESPNcricinfo staff

MS Dhoni, the India captain, has said he will request the BCCI for some rest ahead of the tour of South Africa. India have had a busy schedule since the tour of Sri Lanka earlier in the year and Dhoni said players like himself and Suresh Raina haven't had a break. India play a five-match ODI series against New Zealand, their last international assignment ahead of the South Africa tour, and if Dhoni's request is accepted, he could likely be rested for that series.

"If you look at the schedule players like myself and Suresh Raina have been playing non-stop cricket since the Sri Lanka tour," Dhoni told reporters in Nagpur on the eve of the third Test against New Zealand. "We went to play in the Champions League after that and came back and played the Australia and the New Zealand series.

"So there has not been enough time to switch on and switch off. We will put in a request to the board but we have to see whether senior players are available or not."

The BCCI, last month, had agreed to send some players early to South Africa to prepare for the Test series in December due to the absence of any practice games. Dhoni said the details still had to be "worked out". The first Test begins on December 16.

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  • Amar on November 25, 2010, 20:12 GMT

    @lakmalphysics: Yesterday you wrote the following: "My friends, I have more interesting stories. Sanga's average in pakistan is 86.87 in 5 matches and Sachin's average in Pakistan is 40.25 in 10 matches. In Soutn Africa Sachin's average is 39.76 in 12 matches. These stats clearly shows that Sachin is not a good player against pace bowling attacks"........umm, u conveniently forgot to mention sanga's avg In South Africa of 39.20............sanga avg's 30.54 in england, 34 in West Indies, and 36.5 in India. sachin avg's 62 in england, 47.69 in West Indies, and 67.94 against Murali and your Sri my friend i guess sanga can't play pace, swing, and spin.......hahahahaha

  • Amar on November 25, 2010, 20:08 GMT

    @lakmalphysics: and oh by the way, so far we have only been talking about test matches.......take ODI's: Sanga can't even be mentioned anywhere close to sachin in ODI's.........just be happy that u get to play 3-test series against India and be happy with it.......otherwise nobody wants to play against you........hahahaha.........first win a test match (let alone a series) in india, aust and only then SL get to sit at the big boy's table........hahaha

  • Amar on November 25, 2010, 20:01 GMT

    @lakmalphysics: You want stats. Here they are: 1) Sachin vs australia: 31 matches, avg 60.59 and Sanga vs australia: 6 matches, avg 41.91. 2) Sachin vs england: 24 matches, avg 61.42 and Sanga vs england: 15 matches, avg 40.28. 3) Sachin vs. Sri Lanka: 25 matches, avg 60.45 and Sanga vs. India: 15 matches, avg yeah, I can also pick and choose which stats I want to pick...hahaha..........Dude, Sanga couldn't even beat Gilchrist to be in an all-time XI and gilchrist only avg'd 47 in tests.......hahahaha

  • Gaurav on November 25, 2010, 14:48 GMT

    @LakmalPhysics-Same way i am also not claiming that India is the best team, my point is they are not in any way less than Srilankan team if not better ,about rankings India becoming no 1 dosent reflects that they are all time great its just that since last one decade they have won matches quite consistently against top teams much better than they used to do before.They won more matches against top teams than SL at least in last decade (check the stats i gave in my last post) ,in coming time if SL wins more matches than India against top teams they will move to no 1 its that simple.Quite frankly my personal opinion is that SA,Aus, India, SL and England are well matched teams and the word Domination is no more relevant now like it used to be with old WI or Aussie team and yes i have no shame in accepting that SA deserves to be no 1 more than India till Indian team beats them in their own backyard.Happy thanksgiving to you too .Peace.

  • Ruwani on November 25, 2010, 14:25 GMT

    @sonjjay: My friend, If you have something to say, interpret it with stats. Then I'll check it. I have done my comparision, omitting Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. I have done my comparisions as necessary. I know that this world(Earth) is not a perfect sphere. HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FRIEND, the Fall break is going to over..

  • Sanjay on November 25, 2010, 9:18 GMT

    @Lakmal Well probably you should also check sanga's avg on Flat featherbed Indian pitches,its less than 35 what do u have to say about that ?? . Also you are again not bringing out the real facts,as this section will be soon closed for comments so i just hope u bring out Murali and warne's comments overseas. The comment where u compare both of them you have easily discounted the fact that murali bowled on spin friendly wickets all his life and against bangladesh a lot of times. I would be happy if u bring out both players averages outside their country and present them country wise and then prove my claims wrong. I havent gone through the stats too but i am sure warne's stats will be better. Happy thanksgiving to you too our sri lankan friend.

  • swaminathan on November 25, 2010, 8:13 GMT

    @Lakmal Physics comment on India's Win loss ratio Buddy u told india is just better than NZ, BANG n ZIM in W\L ratio Yes u r right... But india played a lot against AUS, ENG, SA, PAK and SL rather than against ZIM, BAN and NZ INDIA W\L ratios home - 1.48 away - 0.39 against AUS,ENG,SA,WI,SL(top teams during IND time)(away) - 0.26 SL home - 1.86 away - 0.39 against AUS,ENG,SA,IND(top teams during SL time)(away) - 0.09 with 3 wins in 50 matches Now tell who did better against the best around the world.

  • swaminathan on November 25, 2010, 7:36 GMT

    @ Lakmal Physics - Hey dude are u serious.. U are comparing sangakara with sachin.. Dont joke man plz... Sachin scored runs when Mc Grath and Shane Warne were at prime form.. Sanga's 192 in the 3rd test he played in australia in 2007 was against exhausted Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Staut Clark n Mc Gill.. Shame on u if u compare Aussies best attack with worst attack... That to in flat and dry Hobart pitch... OMG... I dont believe how ppl compare on 3 matches 1 big century on favourable condition with consistent Sachin against Aussies... Lara finished his carrier as a Legend of cricket. Sachin and Ponting is proved enough and they are about to finish. If Sangakara finishes as a legend means it will be good for cricket and everyone around the world will welcome that... But there is a long way for him to go... (Ofcourse not many good bowling pitches around the world, No more great bowlers(after great murali retired) bt still sanga have a long way to go)

  • Ruwani on November 25, 2010, 7:14 GMT

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING my friends...

  • Ruwani on November 25, 2010, 4:57 GMT

    @grvdubey: I never wrote that Sri Lanka is the best test team or deserved to be the #1. If I mention that anywhere, please show me it. Then I'll take my words back and apologize my all Indian friends. I posted (not here, somewhere else) that South Africa deserved the #1 spot. And somebody replied that they will, If they find a good spinner.

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