Mumbai Indians v Guyana, CLT20 2010, Durban September 16, 2010

Barnwell's agony, Tendulkar's redemption

The Plays of the day of the Twenty20 between Mumbai Indians and Guyana in Durban

Barnwell's agony
It appeared Sachin Tendulkar was willing to gift his wicket away. It seemed Guyana wanted to see him bat for they kept dropping him. Barnwell was the unlucky bowler on all occasions. Barnwell saw his sweeper cover fielder not try hard enough to get to a skier in the seventh over. Barnwell's agony multiplied in the next over. Twice Tendulkar slogged him but the fielders dropped him both times.

Tendulkar's redemption
Two days ago, Tendulkar dropped a similar catch. Today he held on. It was a top-edged sweep from Barnwell and the ball swirled down at him at short fine-leg. He went back, he went forward, he went sideways and it appeared as if he might drop this one as well but he managed to hold on. Barnwell must have felt as if he was sucker-punched. His team-mates dropped Tendulkar off his own bowling and the man doesn't return the compliment.

Shot of the day
Kieron Pollard hit nine sixes. Most of them were muscled hits but what stood out was a wristy six over long-on. There was no violence in it. It was a full-length medium-paced delivery and Pollard leaned forward and flicked it over long-on. Sheer nonchalance. And guess who was the bowler? Barnwell of course.

Jonty's joy
In the last match Mumbai's fielding was terrible and cost them the game. Today, they took a couple of good catches: Saurabh Tiwary settled nicely under a swirler and Shikhar Dhawan ran in from deep point and dived forward to take a dying ball. On both occasions, the camera panned to a delirious Jonty Rhodes who was seen clapping and applauding the efforts. It's ironical that a team whose coaching staff comprises Jonty and Robin Singh were so awful in their fielding.

Confusion of the day
Royston Crandon lifted Zaheer Khan towards the long-off boundary. Dwayne Bravo rushed back from mid-off and he never looked in control. JP Duminy ran from long-on, looked in a better position but seemed wary of a collision with Bravo. He kept looking at Bravo who was trying to keep his eyes on the ball. We don't know whether either called for the catch. Bravo dived, Duminy lunged and the ball fell to the ground. Both looked at each other and walked their separate ways.

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at Cricinfo