The Ashes 2013-14 January 4, 2014

Flower gets backing of ECB into 2015

ESPNcricinfo staff

David Collier, the ECB chief executive, has given a strong indication that Andy Flower will remain as team director after the Ashes series.

There has been debate around Flower's future with England lurching towards a 5-0 Ashes whitewash. He has been reluctant to discuss his plans but did indicate after the Melbourne Test that he wanted to be part of rebuilding the England side.

Collier, who is currently in Australia for conclusion of the Ashes, told Sky Sports he sees Flower, who no longer oversees the day-to-day running of the limited-overs sides, remaining in his position until at least 2015 when the Ashes are next contested in England and wants the Test partnership with Alastair Cook to continue.

"We need that experience," he said. "When you go through a transitional period you need somebody with knowledge, somebody who knows our system, somebody who works with all of our key coaches, Andy has all of those attributes and more and I'm sure he'll do a good job leading us into 2015. Alastair fully deserves the support of Team England and we look forward to both Alastair and Andy leading us to success in the future."

Cook has received some strong criticism for his on-field tactics during the series while he has not scored a hundred, with one innings remaining, across the ten Ashes Tests of the back-to-back series.

"People grow into the job, captains mature, players mature, it will take some time for people to reach their absolute pinnacle," Collier said. "We were absolutely convinced that he was the right man at the time and we're still convinced today."

Collier also said there would not be such an extensive review of English cricket as took place after the 2006-07 whitewash when the Schofield report was commissioned. "We're not going to do a review of that nature, but we will do a full debrief and learn the lessons we need to from this tour.

"We have to look back and reflect on what has gone right and what has gone wrong and learn lessons from it. We've had a great run coming into this series. In 13 Test matches coming into the series we'd won 10 and drew three. It had been a good year to start with, but clearly we need to re-stock for 2014."

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  • Dummy4 on January 6, 2014, 18:03 GMT

    Most coaches take the hit and are sacked after a marquee loss like this one. For once, I think the right decision is being made. It is a difficult decision too given how badly England lost this series. This decision will pay dividends and in a year people will look back at this non-decision as the key factor in the turn around!

  • Dummy4 on January 6, 2014, 15:20 GMT

    For a "great player" in the team, the tattoo of the three lions on the upper-arm seems to be just a part of the re-branding exercise, to go with the product re-positioning. Any half-a-penny worth of a Brand Consultant will tell you that!. And, not a genuine mark of pride for the country for which he is playing.

    Along with the"headmaster", he should also go to improve the atmosphere within the team. With these two drops, half the cleansing work will be done.

  • Dummy4 on January 6, 2014, 15:10 GMT

    @Scott McHugh on (January 4, 2014, 9:33 GMT):

    You cut the cake into the right size -- a biscuit! Good judgement, Scott; unlike ECB's.

    For some, Pounds & Shillings are more important than Pride! For those, who move from country to country in search of the "Pot of Gold", it certainly is!

  • Mohammed on January 6, 2014, 13:20 GMT

    ECB afriad of Andy, if they remove him from coach, he may moved to India as a coach and India tour to England is very near.

  • Daison on January 6, 2014, 12:06 GMT

    ECB backs Flower. ECB had dropped KP remember? Doesnt mean they are right. Just means they can do it.

  • Kiran on January 6, 2014, 8:13 GMT

    Flower should remain as head coach..He has brought stability to the english squad over the years..But cook should be removed from captaincy..Hes way too defensive just like his batting..Stuart Broad should be made captain..He is the real fighter in this squad..He will try everything possible for a win..Thats the quality that makes a good captain..With burden of captaincy gone cook can focus on his batting and thats a plus for the side..

  • Dummy4 on January 6, 2014, 5:16 GMT

    Commitment & authoritarianism are two very different perspectives of the same attributes. A few have commented about Flower's commitment; the same way Michael Clarke to comment on Arthur's. I see it differently. So, are a large majority of the genuine cricket fans.

    Impact on the players, and consequently what they produce are better criteria to judge the desirability of the support staff. Not the way the players are shuffled around,or the amount of home work given to them. I am saying this with all the seriousness I can muster & also rethinking; "Am I also getting into a witch hunting exercise? No, certainly not."

  • Dummy4 on January 6, 2014, 5:07 GMT

    Flower is quite similar to Mickey Arthur, at least in one respect. Both, with their personal style, seem to create a dull & tense atmosphere around them. It is not particularly helpful in keeping up the morale of the players. Contrast the style of these with that of Lehman and what he achieved with almost the same team, by just with an entirely different style and its morale boosting impact on the players

    I personally think, Flower must go. Perhaps England's batting & bowling coaches too.

    I was also looking at the bowling coaches of Australia & South Africa. In addition to whatever they may be doing at the nets, or in the dressing room, they are almost always there at the boundary line talking to their lead bowlers, in between the overs. I don't see that happening either with England or India. In that respect, Eric Simons, at least showed some improvement towards the end of his term with BCCI, though his judgment about his bowlers, used to go off the mark!

  • Guy on January 5, 2014, 1:29 GMT

    Personally I think Flower should go and England need a major change at the top. However, I don't think Collier's comments preclude that. In fact, its a classic example of the vague comments sports adminstrators make when asked about coaches' tenure. The classic in Australian football is that the board is 'right behind' the coach. Usually this means 'with knives' because they're gone within a few weeks. Collier has left himself plenty of wriggle room and with new man Downton in the job I wouldn't rule out a change before the northern summer.

  • Vikram on January 5, 2014, 1:02 GMT

    While Flower has done a great job, what England needs is a fresh approach. Under Flower, though England were winning, they were more like minions under Gru, except that minions show some emotion, while the England team were more like robots. What England need is some flair to turn around a unit that still looks terrific on paper. Look what Lehmann did for the Aussies.

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