ICC World Twenty20, 2007-08 September 16, 2007

The Super Eights explained

Cricinfo staff

The ICC World Twenty20 is contested by 12 teams which have been seeded and divided into four groups:

Group A: South Africa (A1), West Indies (A2), Bangladesh

Group B: Australia (B1), England (B2), Zimbabwe

Group C: New Zealand (C1), Sri Lanka (C2), Kenya

Group D: Pakistan (D1), India (D2), Scotland

If the two seeded teams in each group qualify for the next round, they will be placed in position 1 and 2 in the Super Eights as specified regardless of whether they finish first or second in their group.

For example, though India (D2) won Group D and Pakistan (D1) came second, during the Super Eights, Pakistan will still be D1 and India will be D2. Also, as Bangladesh have qualified at the expense of the seeded West Indies (A2), they will be denoted as A2 during the Super Eights.

The teams qualifying for the Super Eights will be divided into two groups, Group E and F. Group E will consist of seeds A1, B2, C1 and D2 while Group F will comprise seeds A2, B1, C2 and D1.

No points are carried from the group stage into the Super Eights. The teams who have qualified are grouped as:

Group E:
South Africa
New Zealand

Group F:
Sri Lanka

The complete fixtures of the ICC World Twenty20 can be found here.