Dehring to appoint independent auditor February 1, 2008

USACA elections delayed

Cricinfo staff

The USA Cricket Association elections are on hold, although this does not appear to have been conveyed to those involved in the process.

Chris Dehring, the independent third party appointed by the ICC to try to find a resolution to the ongoing struggle for control of the USACA, managed to get a new constitution approved but the elections that were meant to follow within 30 days have already become embroiled in controversy.

It is believed that Dehring will appoint an external independent auditor to oversee the elections and this means that they not take place until March at the earliest.

Since the announcement of the yes vote for the new constitution, the USACA has yet again not uttered a word in public. Some regions have held their elections while others appear to be uncertain how to proceed.

New York Region and Central West have already announced their regional board and their representatives to USACA.