West Indies v India, one-off T20I, Kingston July 9, 2017

India were 20 runs short - Brathwaite

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Lewis is not conventional - Brathwaite

India's score of 190 at Sabina Park with short boundaries and a flat pitch was "20 runs short", according to West Indies T20 captain Carlos Brathwaite, who lauded the efforts of quick bowlers Kesrick Williams and Jerome Taylor. The hosts chased down the total with a blistering 53-ball hundred from Evin Lewis, who hit the winnings runs to seal their nine-wicket win.

"It was a very good wicket, but we did very well to keep them to 190, especially after the start they had," Brathwaite said. "Kesrick [Williams] had two very important strikes in the sixth over and then when Jerome Taylor came back and finished, he brought us back into the game. We all thought that 190 was 20 runs short and then the batters proved their worth."

West Indies head coach Stuart Law was expecting a score of 240-250 from India after seeing a rapid start from their openers. "The way the Indians started their batting innings on a very good wicket with fast outfield and small boundaries, I think we did really well to contain them to 190," he said. "To be honest, at one stage I was looking at 240-250. We didn't start very well with the ball but we finished very well. It was very difficult to bowl with the new ball, the spinners weren't getting much turn with the new ball and it was a very easy-paced pitch. If you slightly missed your line or length, you'd go for four or six. But towards the end of their innings, we saw how well they (West Indies) bowled and managed to contain India. Keeping them under 200 was an outstanding effort.

"To only chase 190 on a small ground and flat wicket, it's going to take some chasing but we saw one of the better innings I've ever seen in T20 cricket. Evin Lewis, hats off."

Lewis scored his second T20 hundred against India in only three matches, after he had blasted 100 off 49 balls in Florida last August. His century on Sunday was studded with 12 sixes and six fours, and Brathwaite said Lewis' unconventional shots make him stand out.

"He's a very positive young man, he hits the ball very very cleanly," Brathwaite said. "Another good thing about him is once he gets in, he goes all the way. He has two hundreds and a 90, something like that. He doesn't stop short, he doesn't make 20s or 30s.

"Once he gets in, he's very difficult to stop and he doesn't give his wicket away. I don't know what's the secret, but looking from the outside, he's a very unconventional player. There are players who are conventional and hit the ball hard, and he's the other way around. He hits the ball sweetly and cleanly, he also hits them in some funny areas that fielding teams take a while to get accustomed to. But when they are trying to get accustomed to, he's already 50-odd and heading to 90 or 100."

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My aim is to perform consistently - Karthik

While Law lauded Lewis' century too, he also said the batsman - who scored all of 67 runs in four ODIs against India - could have found it easier mentally to play more freely in the T20 format as compared to 50-over cricket.

"Just the power hitting - how he picked his targets, he hit with the wind, he played all the right shots, played good cricket shots as well," Law said. "There wasn't any mad swings of the bat, they were all controlled and controlled aggression which we know Evin Lewis can do. I'd love to see him do that in the 50-over format, that will be one hell of a way to start a 50-over game as well. But credit to the young man, he hasn't got a big score yet this summer and to finish it off in style like that was a great achievement.

"I try not to talk too much to the players; they know their games. We just try and work out options for them and areas where they are very very strong. Batting for me is all about getting your body in a position to hit the ball in the area you are strong at, and Evin did that today beautifully. It might be [a] mental [shift] to carry that sort of mindset into the T20 game. Also there is pressure if you get out having a big woosh, in a 50-over game, in the first three overs - you look like a fool. I just want him to go out there and play his game and if he does get out in the first five overs, it's no issue for me because if he gets to a good start he can take the game away."

West Indies, the reigning T20I champions, put behind them a 3-1 ODI series loss and were boosted by the inclusion of star players such as Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard and Sunil Narine for the one-off T20. Brathwaite said their presence boosted their confidence but they were putting in a lot of hard work in ODIs too, where they are ranked ninth and struggling to gain automatic qualification for the 2019 World Cup.

"Being able to rub shoulders with them (big players) and being able to ask their opinions, especially in crucial times, even to practice with them is a privilege. It gives the guys a little more confidence but any day with them in the team and not performing, the good thing is they (youngsters) take the mantle upon themselves, be professional - not just off the field but also on it. Whenever we go on the park, we always try to give a 100%.

"As a young captain I just want the guys to express themselves. It's not too many instructions from me; once we have a team plan we go there and try to execute it. The message from me is: always express yourself."

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  • randolf on July 14, 2017, 12:05 GMT

    Now that the WICB powers that be have recognized the fact that the "Jason Holder EXPERIMENT" was as grossly disastrous as it turned out to be (though they were warned very early, that it would fail miserably), based on the "sub-standard set of players" that they were appointing to critical positions and selecting to play; the authorities need now to appoint a "NEW CAPTAIN"; who must be: "one of the senior players"; but who must also have the natural talent and ability to hold a permanent place in the teams of all 3 formats of the game; have the personal respect of and for all the players; and have been reasonably successful as the leader of his colleagues in the past (even if it's Chris Gayle for a year). This is necessary to restore unity among the players in the various teams going forward. This must be done urgently; because, we cannot send any team composed of splintered memebers to represent us on the field of play, as we would be bound to continue to reap the same results!

  • Allan on July 13, 2017, 13:18 GMT

    @Cricinfouser You said "Remember, I told you all that WICB's decision to extend the White Flag to our best players, thus picking a full strength team, would bring WICB a WIN-WIN result." May I remind you that the T20 format was always exempt from the requirement that players must participate in that format's regional tournament in order to be eligible for selection for international duty. That is because the regional T20 is run by the CPL, not by WICB, so it is exempt from that requirement. Therefore, all players are eligible for selection for international duty in the T20 format.

  • Allan on July 13, 2017, 13:06 GMT

    A Caribbean medium is reporting this morning that "Bravo's attorney Leslie Haynes confirmed that the tweet was removed and a subsequent apology was issued by Bravo, while Cameron is expected to issue a media release today in which he will atone for his ill-advised comment."

  • Cricinfouser on July 11, 2017, 21:21 GMT

    Happy to see the big guns coming out and support the younger players. even though the senior guns didn't fire that much the moral support was important. wi did well on the chase and lewis batted with authority with gayle around. even without the superman russel. hoping to see the big players in the ODI also.

  • Ali on July 11, 2017, 13:43 GMT

    It is hindsight isn't Mr. Brathwaite! 190 was enough for a win. Your main scorer had two lives. If he had gone, the momentum would have shifted in India's favor. People keep talking about short boundaries but how does it matter? All sixes hit now a days are around 80 to 100 meters, well over the boundary lines of 65/75 meters! If they keep hitting 60/70 meters sixes then you cab argue about short boundaries. Except Kuldeep and Bhuvaneshwar (as usual) the others bowled atrociously! Ashwin looks a different bowler every match with a different action to match! Is he for real? Does no one tell him anything, specially the bowling coach, that experiments are good in the nets not during a match? He should me made to play only in test matches. in India, on under-prepared pitches. The real reason of our loss is not those extra runs not made but our bowling and those two lost chances.

  • randolf on July 11, 2017, 12:21 GMT

    Remember, I told you all that WICB's decision to extend the White Flag to our best players, thus picking a full strength team, would bring WICB a WIN-WIN result. If the big boys had lost the match, WICB would have told us that their presence in our teams makes no difference. Now that they've won, the fans are so happy about a "SERIES WIN" (though it's only one match) that they've forgotten that Jason Holder and his school boys gang had dropped our cricket to rock bottom, just a few weeks before; against "AFGHANISTAN", Pakistan and a few days ago, against India. All we're talking about now, is the domineering manner in which our big boys stamped their authority on the Indians. Their Captain, Carlos Brathwaite gave a very excellent interview, reminding his bosses (compatriot Courtney Browne and Dave Cameron) that, for WI cricket to move forward, the young guys with such amazing talent as Evin Lewis need their senior buddies embedded in all the teams, to help them with their "CONFIDENCE".

  • Raam on July 11, 2017, 6:15 GMT

    For all the hype around Rishabh Pant, he is not giving a lot of confidence. I believe his slow, pathetic innings was the only reason for the middle order stutter which tried to cover up towards the end for balls already wasted by him. I will be super happy to be proven wrong, but so far all he has looked like in IPL and in int'l matches is a glorified slogger

    So many voices before the match how his time has come. On this performance, it has anything but.

  • Riaz Khan on July 11, 2017, 5:24 GMT

    No one saw that Pollard pretty much captained the game, setting the field and talking to the bowlers after the first 6 overs

  • kingis5755772 on July 11, 2017, 4:12 GMT

    That was the most sound , solid whipping, hammering i have ever seen indian bowling being subjected too..Feel really sorry for Muhammad Shami.. He was taken to cleaners in broad day light...along with others..

  • subodh8539751 on July 11, 2017, 4:03 GMT

    I am of a strong opinion that India's recent performance in ODIs & T20s is bcoz the same 7-8 or even 9 Test players are being fielded. Especially in T20s you need specialists and attacking batsmen who start hitting right from the word go. India lacks such players right at the top. Rahane, Jadeja, Ashwin though top class Test Players are not best suited for T20s. With due respect to greats like MSD and Yuvi, it is now high time both call it a day. India deperately needs players like Manish Pande, Shreyas Iyer who are attacking and fast on feet.

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