West Indies cricket July 9, 2006

WICB to appoint non-member directors

T&T Express

In an unprecedented move, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is seeking to appoint at least three non-member directors at a special meeting of directors in Barbados next Thursday.

CMC Sports reported that Clive Lloyd, the former West Indian captain and current chairman of the WICB Cricket Committee, Sir Allistair McIntyre, the former Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, and Grenville Phillips, a chartered secretary at a leading international accounting firm, are in contention. Sources also said the move is to have the trio in place to enable the WICB to have additional expertise.

Another key issue on the agenda relates to the new Code of Ethics, which was implemented for the Board of Directors. To this end, the Board is taking the discipline of its own directors seriously, no doubt resulting from stinging public remarks made by a couple of them earlier this year. These topics are to be discussed immediately following the close of the adjourned seventh annual meeting of members, which is scheduled for earlier in the day.

Although it is not on the agenda, there is also likelihood that a new West Indies selection panel will be put in place since the directors are to hold round-robin discussions on the choices tomorrow.