Row over resignation splits former team-mates September 29, 2006

Holding: Lloyd 'continues to have memory lapses'

Cricinfo staff

The row between Clive Lloyd and Michael Holding over the reasons for Holding's resignation from the West Indies board's cricket committee shows no sign of letting up.

On Wednesday, Lloyd, who is chairman of the committee, issued at statement in which he said he had no issues with his former team-mate and that he saw "nothing to be gained by continuing this matter". He added: "I believe we should now focus on what each of us can do individually to take West Indies cricket forward."

Holding, however, told Cricinfo that his resignation had nothing to do with the cancellation of the Stanford Super Star match, as has been implied. "My resignation letter was dated August 26 and it's on record that the match was cancelled some time after this date. All one has to do is go back and read my resignation letter and they will find the reason."

"It's unfortunate that Mr Lloyd can't remember my reason. It seems he continues to have memory lapses, since the letter was written to him and he surely must still have a copy.

"His statement says he wishes to move on," Holding continued. "Well, that is easy for him to say, but since he contributed to Ken Gordon and the WICB's first press release with his erroneous quote that he never resigned from the original cricket committee, as it was never accepted by the WICB directors, and only I resigned, he needs to correct his utterings first. If the committee members were never accepted by the WICB directors, why was it necessary for me to resign?

"Those are your words Clive, not mine. Be man enough to admit you were wrong or mistaken or forgot the incident, whichever you choose, and then we can move on. Don't be afraid to offend anyone with your admission. If anyone is offended by the truth, then we know where they stand."