Trinidad and Tobago cricket October 29, 2008

T&T players to be contracted by board

Cricinfo staff

The Trinidad and Tobago players have more reasons to celebrate, with the board likely to offer them contracts © AFP

The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) has outlined contracts for its players among the measures passed at its annual general meeting last week at the National Cricket Centre in Balmain, Couva.

"In an effort to modernise and professionalise the organisation to keep up with international standards, the board gave its approval to strengthen cricket operations and administrative capabilities of the board," a TTCB said in a statement. The plans include preparing retainer contracts for national and developmental players at an estimated cost of US$2.5 million, as well as providing a stipend of $220,000 to all board members, the Trinidad & Tobago Express reported.

"We are looking to have players retained so that they receive a salary to train and develop their talent," Deryck Murray, the TTCB president, told CMC Sports. "Many times we have players who cannot show up to training because of problems with time off from their workplace.

"Now there is the peace of mind knowing that you can fully engage your attention to the sport and get a salary at the end of the month," he said. "We are studying the English county cricket system and we are moving in that direction. We have officials who give their valuable time and also their resources. They would spend their money in travelling and telephone calls etc. and we are concerned about this.

"With this little stipend, they will now at least be able to recover some of their money. In the modern day world of sport, we aim for professionalism and in order to achieve that, we must keep the people around happy."

The TTCB's decision to provide contracts comes in the wake of the West Indies Cricket Board's objective to provide fees and facilities for all first-class players, one of the many goals the WICB outlined to improve the game in the region.