England v India, only women's Test, Wormsley, 4th day August 16, 2014

Big win a wake-up call for BCCI - Edulji

Diana Edulji: "No country in this world of cricket, men or women, with eight debutants will win a Test against the No. 1 country" © Getty Images

Diana Edulji, the former India Women captain, has said that the side's Test win over England should serve as a "wake-up call" for the BCCI to give women's cricket in the country its due. Mithali Raj's team beat England by six wickets in their first Test in eight years and Edulji said the board should now ensure that they play at least one Test in every series.

"It is a very, very big victory. I hope it is a wake-up call to BCCI that women can play Test matches, and win Test matches," Edulji told ESPNcricinfo. "Only three of the girls have played a Test before. No country in this world of cricket, men or women, with eight debutants will win a Test against the No. 1 country. England is a very professional side. Most of them have played Test matches. You take their combined XI Test matches against eight debutants… it is a great, great achievement."

Adding to the inexperience was the lack of any realistic long-form preparation, with the team having played mostly T20 internationals this year. Edulji, the country's leading wicket-taker in Tests, said the victory had made it almost "mandatory" for the BCCI to include the longest format in the team's calendar. "I would want one Test match to be played by the Indians for every series, in India and abroad. You don't need to play seven one-dayers and three T20s. You can play a five-match or three-match series [of one-dayers] and one T20, and play a Test match in between.

"A Test is a must. It is mandatory now, I think. BCCI should make ICC put it in the calendar, even if it is just three countries - India, England and Australia. If the other countries do not want to play, fair enough, but when they come to India, they should play a Test. India should force their way in the ICC as they do in men's cricket and have this calendar set that Indian women should play Tests. With this result, it should be a permanent fixture on our calendar."

Edulji said that the media had also not given adequate coverage to the women's team and wondered how much attention their win would generate. "It is for the press and the BCCI to take it from here. Let us see how much publicity we get tomorrow in the papers. Even then the front-page news will be for the bad bowling or bad batting performance of the Indian men. And we will maybe find a paragraph or something. It is really sad that the women are not given their due."

Edulji called upon the media to cover women's cricket with regularity, saying the press had a "very big role" to play in promoting the game, like it had been able to do for other sports in the country. "At least it will shake them up that the girls are getting publicity, the press is involved, the press is looking at everything. Any sport you see, any federation wakes up when the press is at their necks. Then they start functioning properly. This is the problem with India. You see the Commonwealth Games, you see the Asian Games. When the press is there, everybody falls in line. Anything is quoted, so everybody is on their best behaviour.

"It is for the publicity of the game. More girls have to come out to play cricket. Why did badminton pick up so well? Why did athletics pick up so well? It is the publicity they got on television. Why could this match not be televised? Only online scoring was available. I was following the match that way."

Abhishek Purohit is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Android on August 18, 2014, 21:14 GMT

    congratulations!!!! and bcci its time for u to promote womens cric equally... women in our country should do twice as much as mens to get into commitments like cricket and make it a profession so its time look forward for womens cric as welll......

  • Android on August 17, 2014, 16:19 GMT


  • Mohan on August 17, 2014, 1:40 GMT

    Edulji mentions the weak coverage by Media - why for that matter one can see even Cricinfo commentary was so much lacking in detail as compared to the men's test!! - I hope Cricinfo does more (though I do thank them for what they are doing as it is more than what BCCI is doing!). That said, FIRSTLY - KUDOS to the Indian Women's team for their great achievement. The Indian men's team could do well to take a leaf out of the Women's book. SECONDLY - I pray that BCCI take this opportunity to spare some time from their power play - for some historic action in support of the women's cricket. As it is, women usually have to put in twice the effort in life in most countries - to break thru all the resistance to get the deserved opportunities. SO BCCI - please take a small step to advance a giant step for Women's cricket!

  • Dummy4 on August 17, 2014, 1:08 GMT

    I fully agree. It almost is like the movie CHAK-DE India where it was the Indian women's hockey team who were denied at first to compete in the Womens world cup as sponsorships for women's games were being diverted to the men's team. The movie was of course make-believe and I think it was SRK's best movie thus far, but in the end it is similar to the current situation. BCCI should wake up as this victory was remarkable.

  • Dummy4 on August 16, 2014, 19:58 GMT

    By giving women's cricket it's due, BCCI would not only improve the quality of women's cricket in India, but will probably help promote better respect for women in the country, that seems to have forgotten how to respect its women of late.

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