Zimbabwe v India, Tri-series, 1st match, Bulawayo May 28, 2010

Taylor lauds Zimbabwe's all-round performance

Cricinfo staff

Man of the Match Brendan Taylor has put down Zimbabwe's six-wicket win over India to a combined effort that was unlike many of his team's performances in the past. "This was a thoroughly good all-round performance on a flat wicket, and it's nice to see the guys chipping in," Taylor, who top scored for his team with 81, said. "We've always struggled in the past when one guy chips in and everyone struggles."

Taylor, during his 103-ball stay, was involved in two major partnerships that set up Zimbabwe's successful chase of a seemingly formidable 285. He added 88 in 13 overs with opener Hamilton Masakadza, and followed it up with a further 63 with Greg Lamb. The second stand consumed 16.3 overs, and when Taylor fell with the score on 176, Zimbabwe's required rate had crept to more than seven-an-over. The flat wicket and the presence of some power-players down the order, however, meant Zimbabwe had to preserve their wickets for a good part of the chase, Taylor said.

"The plan was to basically just keep knocking the ball around. We know we have Andy Blignaut and Elton [Chigumbura] at the bottom there and Charles [Coventry] coming in too. So we've got the firepower to catch up in the end with the batting Powerplay. There wasn't really too much risk to be taken.

"We were trying to bat the way they [India] sort of started; construct the innings pretty well. It was a nice wicket to bat on, [the strategy was to] not lose too many wickets and back yourself to really have a go."

Chigumbura, leading Zimbabwe for the first time, was off the mark with the ball, conceding 26 in an over which included 14 wides and a no-ball, but chipped in during the chase, combining with debutant Craig Ervine in an unbeaten 58-run stand to steer his team home. "It wasn't easy for me," he said of his first match as captain. "I thought I let the team down in the first half but some of the guys played well. We had a good partnership first up which gave us a good foundation to win the game.

"The plan was for the seamers to get one or two wickets to make it easy for the spinners, but it went the other way - only one seamer bowled well. I thought the rest of the spinners bowled well.

"It's a good start for Craig Ervine to score a half-century on debut. The main focus now is to be consistent as a team."

Suresh Raina, unlike his Zimbabwean counterpart, had a poor start to his captaincy, as his bowlers, particularly the inexperienced seamers, failed to measure up in a determined chase by the hosts. The batting Powerplay available to Zimbabwe at the death, with Chigumbura and Ervine cashing in, cost India the game, he said. "It [the target] was defendable. Amit Mishra bowled really well, [Ravindra] Jadeja also. But they still had a Powerplay left at the end, and a couple of their players batted really well. That's what cost the game for us."

The highlight of India's performance was a maiden ODI century from Rohit Sharma, who helped them recover from 67 for 3. The bowling, though, according to Raina, needed improvement if India were to challenge Sri Lanka in their next fixture. "The way Rohit was hitting the ball was remarkable," Raina said. "We need to work on our bowling. A couple of players are playing for the first time, but hopefully they will learn from this mistake."

India take on Sri Lanka in the next game of the series on May 30 in Bulawayo.

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  • Dre on June 4, 2010, 4:39 GMT

    Well played Zim! Instead of scolding Ind selectors, I agree with the Zim fans, let's all comment a little more on how well Zim played. I remember seeing Taylor sometime ago, he didn't score much for a while but now he is back I realise...boy this guy can play. As for the Ind team, Vijay was highly praised and successful in IPL, I heard Harsha getting excited over Yadav, Jadeja who is now scorned was outstanding when SA toured Ind, Kholi is a 1st teamer, Ojha and Mishra both have many who think they should be in the team so in reality, this is not India A...it isn't full strength but it definately isn't Ind A. More than anything Zim played really well TWICE vs. team Ind and that is all there is to it. For sometime many experts have tried telling Ind that their bowling n fielding does not resemble a #1 side n needs wrk, they should start listening. Being ranked #1 n 2 r great achievements but being truly #1 or 2 is the pinnacle of the game.

  • Tanvir on June 3, 2010, 18:22 GMT

    congreats Zimbabwe & well done & Zimbabwe play fantastic cricket. Hey Indian plz learn something from Bangladesh & I think Bangladesh will teach Indian cricket team that how 2 win against Zimbabwe. Indian Cricket team is an ordinary ugly team & Zimbabwe prove it... Thanks Zimbabwe. I wish Zimbabwe will play better & better in future. all the best...

  • Eric on May 31, 2010, 7:10 GMT

    hahah...look at Indian fans excuse themselves. Arent Rohit Sharma, Raina, Karthik, Vijay, Jadeja and Kohli all first team players? so what third grade side are you talking about?? Craig Ervine was also on debut. Lamb is rellatively inexperienced so its even. There is no future for Indian cricket with the way they are going. Who will replace Kumble, Bhajji, Khan as bowlers?? batting might be good with Gambhir, Sehwag, raina, sharma and an inform yuvraj and dhoni around... but a good squad always has good replacements... Look at Aussie.. their team for the t20 world cup did not have Lee and Ponting... Paine and Bollinger couldnt break into the team and they have so many players who just come into the team and perform. Aussie B side is still capable of conquoring the world though I do not support Aussie cricket but its a fact. Infran Pathan is an amasing player and I wonder why they ignore him when they do not have the bowlers.

  • M on May 30, 2010, 21:24 GMT

    I think India need to show some respect to Zimbabwe. By sending a B grade team to a tournament you are disrespecting the country that you are playing by thinking yourself far superior. I think this mindset of the selectors and players will overall affect the Indian cricket in the long run.

  • Ahmed on May 30, 2010, 11:42 GMT

    All these comments dissapoint me. Im a Zimbabwe fan and am over the moon with this win. It may be a 2nd string India, but they had way more experience to beat zim and couldnt. Stop complaining. With Indias total, i thought Zim would buckle, but they played like a world class cricket team. Yes india should take some blame on some level, but overall, i think Zim outplayed them. Zim may never win another game this series, but this win was deserved and instead of bagging india, we should be commending zim on their win.

  • tino on May 30, 2010, 7:45 GMT

    @ ShahzanHaiderBukhari --look man zimbabwe does not struglgle aganist kenya and bermuda and the likes and if you say soo it means india is weaker than them all or the same level coz we beat you fair and square, and besides the zim team did not take this victory as something big coz we excpected challenge but well<<

  • Randika on May 30, 2010, 6:58 GMT

    @way_too_cool: Getting personal and insulting former cricketers will never help develop a healthy conversation mate. Not directed at you, many who commented earlier brought out several Indian and Pakistani names in to the rug-tag. As a Sri Lankan all I'm saying is don't let the cynical Aussies and Co make more fun out of our South Asian feuds, we need to concentrate more on our game AND attitude rather than each others failures! We need to develop as a block and support fledgling neighbors liek Bangladesh and Nepal to become a true cricketing powerhouse in a global contest. this is why I think the continued bilaterals India and Sri Lanka play have little or no meaning, need to play more outside the region!

  • Dummy4 on May 30, 2010, 6:14 GMT

    I for one, blame Srikkanth for this loss. The selection of many of these players is ridiculous, I mean...where is Uthappa? It's all just politics...if we want to win the 2011 world cup, we have to start selecting players for their talent and not because of petty politics.

  • Azaan on May 30, 2010, 5:50 GMT

    @way_too_cool... hehehhe .. lol ur cricketing knowldge is too little ... u have forgoten all the moments when your player remained stuned for Six OF Javed Midandad .... 4 of inzmam last ball ... and Records do tell stuff ... well no issue ...what if u r so affriad not to come to play us in sharja go read ur news papaers when ur players were not willing to play ...as they were never able to defeat us ...well this is just some information i am giving u ..just have some time and sit ...check the archives ;) of India vs Pakistan ;) ... u will be speachless ...Its WELL Said ... if u dont know dont just assume , some times u just get slaped

  • Ryo on May 30, 2010, 4:13 GMT

    @way_too_cool: The humiliation of missing out on the IPL in 2009 and 2010 was minimal compared to winning relatives sucesses we've had in those tournaments, remind me how did India fare again? Once again IPL excesses coming back to bite India on its ass, and remember Dhoni said he'd never blame excess workload for such failures... HAHAHA....Humiliation for India. If this is India's future then it's pathetic. I wonder how the IPL will grow with such ordinary players to bring in the viewing audiences???

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