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A handful of important matches took place at Sheffield's Darnall ground in the early 1820s. The first venue was opened in 1822, the year after the land was bought, but the first major game, between 15 of Sheffield and XI of Nottingham, was marred when a stand collapsed injuring almost two dozen spectators.

The owners then moved and opened a new ground close by in 1824, a well-appointed arena which could accommodate up to 8000 people. Early matches attracted large crowds - in excess of the official capacity - and within a few years it was described as the "finest ground in the Kingdom".

Several major matches took place in the late 1820s, including ones between Sussex and "England". But no sooner had it become established than its decline started, largely because of the opening of Hyde Park in the centre of the city. By 1830 the ground was put up for sale, in 1832 the grandstand was demolished, and although minor games continued until 1859 when the land was turned over for use as a cemetery.
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