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England's players enjoy a Christmas dinner

Shot Stories

We're such jolly good fellows

The 1954-55 England Ashes players get their party hats on for a festive dinner in between some exhilarating victories

Jack Russell checks on Mike Atherton who was hit by the ball

It's a draw!

After Darren Bravo's superb effort in Dunedin, a look at some other famous match-saving innings in Tests

Peter May arrives back from South Africa

Basil D'Oliveira

Dolly mixture

Forty summers ago a Cape Coloured South African playing for England unwittingly threw MCC into crisis over a tour to the apartheid republic

Cricinfo XI

Taking a stand

Martin Williamson takes a look at the stories behind the record stands for each wicket in Test cricket ... all XI of them


Almost perfection

Bits-and-pieces bowler Charles Palmer produced one of cricket's most remarkable spells - 14-12-7-8 - after coming on to allow a frontline bowler to change ends