Career Statistics
Career Averages
SpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
In Host Country
SpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
in Australia1994-2008191900
in Bangladesh2000-20098800
in England1994-2008202000
in India1997-20057700
in New Zealand1997-20054400
in Pakistan1998-20049900
in South Africa1992-2009191810
in Sri Lanka1996-2005141400
in U.A.E.2002-20022200
in West Indies1989-2006272610
in Zimbabwe1999-19991100
in Continent
SpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
in Africa1992-2009201910
in Americas1989-2006272610
in Asia1996-2009404000
in Europe1994-2008202000
in Oceania1994-2008232300
Home vs Away
SpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
In Tournament Type
SpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
2 team series1989-200912912720
3-4 team tournaments1999-19991100
In Match Number per Series
SpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
only match in series1992-20002200
1st match in series1990-2009484800
2nd match in series1992-2009434120
3rd match in series1993-2009212100
4th match in series1989-2005101000
5th match in series1991-20054400
6th match in series1998-19981100
In Major Trophies
SpanMatUmpireTV UmpireReferee
Basil D'Oliveira2005-20053300
Frank Worrell Trophy1991-19996600
The Ashes1994-2006141400
The Wisden Trophy1990-19988800
Trans-Tasman Trophy2001-20044400