• Run-outs deny SL Women series win

    As many as four run-outs, including that of top-scorer Chamari Atapattu denied Sri Lanka Women a chance to claim the series as they lost by nine runs to India Women in the second T20 in Vizianagaram

SL Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4LE KaushalyaHML Madushani
2nd11LE KaushalyaAC Jayangani
3rd41HASD SiriwardeneAC Jayangani
4th27AC JayanganiBYA Mendis
5th13AC JayanganiOU Ranasinghe
6th1SS WeerakkodyOU Ranasinghe
7th4PRCS KumarihamiOU Ranasinghe
8th11PRCS KumarihamiMAA Sanjeewani
9th6PRCS KumarihamiKDU Prabodhani