4th ODI, Gros Islet, Jul 21 2013, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(49/49 ov)
(30/31 ov, target 189)
Pakistan won by 6 wickets (with 6 balls remaining) (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
West Indies
PAK Innings
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end of over 3015 runs
PAK: 189/4CRR: 6.3 
Umar Akmal29 (18)
Misbah-ul-Haq53 (43)
Dwayne Bravo6-0-49-1
Sunil Narine7-0-29-0


Bravo: "Was a great batting display by us and Marlon. Very disappointed we didn't win the game for him. Our main bowlers had already bowled five overs (before the rain break) and I could have done a lot better, it was always us against a very good batting line-up. We wanted to bat first anyway and Marlon batted through for us today."

Misbah: "Very pleased. We were looking to exploit the pitch but the rain came early. It was like a normal T20 game, Hafeez and I wanted to play normal cricketing shots. It was the case of not panicking. Junaid bowled very sensibly, good yorkers. We needed 8 an over and I had to adjust. The team will gain from the momentum today."

Samuels is the Man of the Match: "West Indies cricket is still on the rise so we want the fans to stay with us. I set high standards and I'm still in good nick. If you look at my career I have never failed consistently. The coach has been telling the players to give ourselves a chance. There is some fire burning inside me so I had to let it off (while celebrating)."

So Bravo accepts he messed up with his own bowling. Haven't we seen a lot of him being carted around of late? Misbah was beaming and why not? So Pakistan cannot lose this series. One game to go, West Indies need to win to square the series. That game's on Wednesday, same time same place. Do join us then. Thanks for your company. Do read the match report, which is getting updated. Cheers!

End of match: What a day! After all that rain and tuk-tuk this tuk-tuk that, Misbah played a very controlled hand and takes Pakistan to a win that has given them a lead in the series with only one match remaining. That means they can't lose the series anymore. Great hand by Mohammad Hafeez as well, as the target when Pakistan resumed after the rain break was a stiff one. But they did that in canter. Over to Kanishkaa for the presentation.

Shajee Ahmed: "There is nothing new in Misbah's innings. The thing that has surprised most of us is how well Hafeez played today. His timing was simply elegant today."

Vishal Sheokand: "Why does Bravo keep thinking he is a good death bowler?? IPL is different."

Arsalan: "I rest my case about Misbah :)"

Faraz: "@Shahrose: The laws of Physics don't apply to Misbah"

DJ Bravo to Umar Akmal, 1 leg bye
it's all over! Misbah has done it! They let out a cry of happiness as they steal a single off a yorker
DJ Bravo to Umar Akmal, no run
full delivery on the pads, it is driven powerfully towards the deep midwicket boundary, but Simmons makes a good stop at midwicket

Abdullah: "From tuk, tuk to TAKE THAT !!! Just luvin' it."

DJ Bravo to Umar Akmal, 2 runs
he takes a couple of steps down and then chips the short of length delivery over cover for a couple of runs to make the scores level
DJ Bravo to Umar Akmal, FOUR runs
and no. 3 in the over, Bravo wants to finish this himself. It was length outside off and Umar Akmal carves it over point for a one-bounce four
DJ Bravo to Umar Akmal, FOUR runs
now he gets a low full toss and this time he drives it powerfully down the ground. Sammy dived in vain
DJ Bravo to Umar Akmal, FOUR runs
he bowls a high full-toss and Umar Akmal makes room and whacks it over the bowler's head for a boundary

Bravo continues round the wicket

end of over 2911 runs
PAK: 174/4CRR: 6 • RRR: 7.50 • Need 15 runs from 12b
Misbah-ul-Haq53 (43)
Umar Akmal15 (12)
Sunil Narine7-0-29-0
Dwayne Bravo5-0-35-1

Zeeshan Mahmud: "Only way Windies can win is fly in Bapu Nadkarni in a chopper, grant him local citizenship, change ICC laws to accomodate sub to bowl and let him bowl the last few overs maiden at a stretch. Only...."

Narine to Misbah-ul-Haq, no run
fires in a quicker one, the batsman can only dig it out back to the bowler
Narine to Misbah-ul-Haq, SIX runs
he gets to his half-century with a thundering slap over deep midwicket. It was slow and short and asked to be hit, but that was butchered
Narine to Umar Akmal, 1 run
now Narine fires in a yorker, 113 kph, Umar can only block it out as far as midwicket

Shahrose: "Sorry Misbah! According to Newton's 13th law of physics, you're already at the maximum possible strike rate and now extraordinary events will ensure you don't cross that limit."