Only Test, Harare, Oct 18-22 1992, India tour of Zimbabwe
(66 ov)
456 & 146/4
Match drawn
Zimbabwe 1st Innings
KJ Arnott c Raman b Kumble401762206022.72
GW Flower c †More b Srinath822973547027.60
ADR Campbell lbw b Kapil Dev45821086054.87
AJ Pycroft c Azharuddin b Prabhakar391351595028.88
MG Burmester c Azharuddin b Prabhakar724311029.16
DL Houghton (c)c †More b Srinath12132241415037.57
A Flower  b Prabhakar592012623029.35
GJ Crocker not out2342713054.76
EA Brandes lbw b Srinath023000.00
AJ Traicos  b Kumble514121035.71
MP Jarvis c Raman b Kumble074000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 19, nb 15)35
TOTAL(214.2 Ov, RR: 2.12)456
Fall of wickets: 1-100 (Kevin Arnott), 2-175 (Alistair Campbell), 3-186 (Grant Flower), 4-199 (Mark Burmester), 5-252 (Andy Pycroft), 6-417 (Andy Flower), 7-445 (Dave Houghton), 8-445 (Eddo Brandes), 9-454 (John Traicos), 10-456 (Malcolm Jarvis)
N Kapil Dev39137111.8200
M Prabhakar45156631.4600
J Srinath39128932.2800
SLV Raju39157902.0200
A Kumble35.2117932.2300
RJ Shastri1735203.0500
India 1st Innings
RJ Shastri c Pycroft b Burmester1163870017.46
WV Raman  b Crocker431641932026.21
SV Manjrekar c sub (SG Davies) b Jarvis1044225297024.64
SR Tendulkar c & b Traicos034000.00
M Azharuddin (c)c GW Flower b Traicos927340033.33
SLV Raju c Arnott b Traicos727260025.92
N Kapil Dev  b Traicos60951269063.15
M Prabhakar c Arnott b Traicos1441512034.14
KS More c Traicos b Burmester411601941125.62
A Kumble c †A Flower b Burmester067000.00
J Srinath not out613141046.15
Extras(b 2, lb 9, nb 1)12
TOTAL(169.4 Ov, RR: 1.8)307
Fall of wickets: 1-29 (Ravi Shastri), 2-77 (Woorkeri Raman), 3-78 (Sachin Tendulkar), 4-93 (Mohammad Azharuddin), 5-101 (Venkatapathy Raju), 6-197 (Kapil Dev), 7-219 (Manoj Prabhakar), 8-287 (Sanjay Manjrekar), 9-294 (Anil Kumble), 10-307 (Kiran More)
EA Brandes20301.5000
MG Burmester39.4187831.9600
MP Jarvis38177311.9200
GJ Crocker35184111.1700
AJ Traicos50168651.7200
GW Flower501503.0000
Zimbabwe 2nd Innings
KJ Arnott  b Prabhakar321632172019.63
GW Flower c †More b Kapil Dev633440018.18
ADR Campbell  b Kapil Dev011000.00
AJ Pycroft lbw b Shastri46991341146.46
DL Houghton (c)not out4174833255.40
A Flower not out13438002.94
Extras(b 11, lb 4, nb 5)20
TOTAL(66 Ov, RR: 2.21)146/4
Fall of wickets: 1-16 (Grant Flower), 2-16 (Alistair Campbell), 3-93 (Andy Pycroft), 4-119 (Kevin Arnott)
N Kapil Dev1542221.4600
M Prabhakar1442211.5700
J Srinath511503.0000
SLV Raju721702.4200
A Kumble911501.6600
RJ Shastri1243212.6600
SR Tendulkar43802.0000
Harare Sports Club
TossZimbabwe , elected to bat first
SeriesIndia tour of Zimbabwe
Series resultOne-off match drawn
Match numberTest no. 1197
Match days18,19,20,21,22 October 1992 (5-day match)
Test debut
Kevin Arnott
Grant Flower
Alistair Campbell
Andy Pycroft
Dave Houghton
Andy Flower
Mark Burmester
Gary Crocker
Eddo Brandes
Malcolm Jarvis
Kantilal Kanjee
Dickie Bird
Ian Robinson
Match Referee
Peter van der Merwe
Sun, 18 Oct - day 1 - Zimbabwe 1st innings 188/3 (AJ Pycroft 6*, MG Burmester 2*)
Mon, 19 Oct - day 2 - Zimbabwe 1st innings 406/5 (DL Houghton 110*, A Flower 55*)
Tue, 20 Oct - day 3 - India 1st innings 93/4 (SV Manjrekar 27*, SLV Raju 0*)
Wed, 21 Oct - day 4 - India 1st innings 278/7 (SV Manjrekar 100*, KS More 23*)
Thu, 22 Oct - day 5 - Zimbabwe 2nd innings 146/4 (66 ov) - end of match
  • Scorers : Wendy Gilmour, Sahal Laher
  • First ever Test for Zimbabwe.
  • Except AJ Traicos, the remaining 10 Zimbabwe players debuted.
  • Traicos, at the age of 45, created a world record of longest interval between two appearences in test history. His last appearence was for South Africa at Port Elizabeth on 10 Mar 1970 (interval = 22 years & 222 days). He broke G Gunn's (Eng) record of 17 years and 316 days.
  • Traicos is the 14th player to have played for two different countries.
  • Umpire HD Bird equalled Frank Chester's record of umpiring 48 tests.
  • Zim 1st innings
  • Maiden test century (on debut) by Houghton. 1st for Zimbabwe. Houghton 121 in 414 min, 322 balls, 15x4
  • Houghton's catch was More's 100th dismissal.
  • Ind 1st innings
  • Manjrekar 5th slowest century, and slowest by an Indian 100* came in 500 min, 422 balls, 7x4 104 in 529 min, 422 balls, 7x4