7.01pm: Match abandoned, they've finally given up the ghost in Durban, a venue that has had a right old soaking this summer (sic)... All of which means South Africa maintain their 1-0 lead in the series, with one game to play in Johannesburg. Quinny de Kock is going to be unbeaten in his first series as captain! Anyway, thanks for sticking around, we'll be back for more on Sunday. Bye!

6.50pm: The cut-off is *drum roll* 7.22pm for a 20-over thrash (splash?). But it looks miserable around Kingsmead once again, with the crowd increasingly thin and a line of umbrellas heading for the exits

Here's Edward Bowden: "I think everyone should have heeded your commentary this morning - 'On a scale of 1 to 10, what are chances of play today? I wouldn't like to put a number on it, but the forecast looks something like this: it was raining earlier, it's raining now, and it's going to rain later.' - and gone home and put their feet up." Roller knew (of course he did)

"South Africa will take this, more than happily," declares Nelson. "Their chances of winning a shortened match were little to non-existent and now they can't lose the series."

6.39pm: Raining heavily again! Gah... Now the groundstaff are going to get their way, deploying the full range of covers as the drizzle returns to blight this schmozzle. Not great news, obviously, for the prospects of a result here

"How Duckworth-Lewis works is just a guy in a room with some dice, adding some (or removing some?) when a wicket is lost, he does some creative multiplication... and a score is reached." Ssshhh, George, don't spoil the magic

"@ Commentator; 'Seems like the rain has swept through for now...' You trying to make fun of us non-TV watchers?? That was like a minute ago and then now it's raining?" I think I was actually paraphrasing what the TV comms were saying, rssampat. Blame it on the weatherman

6.37pm: Off comes the cover, they're going to get straight back underway! Just a brief, slightly bizarre delay this time

England don't look to convinced by that decision (as they weren't by the original not out), and they are taking their time walking off the field. Umpires are still out there, just one cover on the 22-yard strip for now. The groundstaff were in the process of bringing on more protection for the square, but they've been told to stand down

Jordan to Bavuma, OUT, full and staying a touch low, hit on the back pad... Jordan appeals and Aleem Dar shakes his head, but England review, and this doesn't look good for Bavuma. Thudding into leg stump, according to Hawk-Eye, and that is curtains!. Up goes Dar's finger, and then immediately he signals to the groundsmen, too! It's raining again!

T Bavuma lbw b Jordan 21 (22m 17b 1x4 1x6) SR: 123.52

Fair point, from Jurie Schoeman: "Malcolm - maybe you should read up on how Duckworth Lewis works... That's exactly what the method takes into account. The SA score will be increased"

Jordan to RR Hendricks, 1 leg bye, shortish and skidding on as Hendricks attempts to pull, comes off the hip behind point

Chris Jordan on for Curran. Seems like the rain has swept through for now

11 | 9 Runs | SA: 70/1 | RR: 6.36

  • Reeza Hendricks35 (33b)
  • Temba Bavuma21 (16b)
  • Matt Parkinson2-0-15-0
  • Tom Curran2-0-13-0

Nine runs off the over, but SA still struggling to lift the rate, approaching the halfway point of the innings

Parkinson to RR Hendricks, 1 run, flighted, worked off the stumps through midwicket
Parkinson to Bavuma, 1 run, floated up outside off, 78kph/49mph and dabbed delicately off the back foot towards short third man
Parkinson to Bavuma, FOUR runs, clubbed back over the bowler's head! Good use of the feet and he drills it for a straight four
Parkinson to RR Hendricks, 1 run, pushed through a little faster, Hendricks nudges through midwicket for a single
Parkinson to Bavuma, 1 run, tossed up, 76 clicks and met by Bavuma skipping down, worked into the leg side - but there's only one there
Parkinson to RR Hendricks, 1 run, flighted outside the line of off and Hendricks goes inside out, chipped down the ground to long-off

10 | 7 Runs | SA: 61/1 | RR: 6.10

  • Reeza Hendricks32 (30b)
  • Temba Bavuma15 (13b)
  • Tom Curran2-0-13-0
  • Matt Parkinson1-0-6-0
TK Curran to RR Hendricks, 1 run, fullish on the stumps, this is whipped through square leg for one
TK Curran to RR Hendricks, no run, spears in a yorker, right up towards the blockhole and Hendricks settles for digging it out

Here's Malcolm: "This is massively in favor of England. The chances of SA winning here are miniscule. England basically have an 8 or 9 over head start, because SA were playing normally for the first few overs. England can start from scratch and completely blast the match and the run rate to oblivion."

TK Curran to Bavuma, 1 run, dug in short, pulled flat through midwicket for another single
TK Curran to RR Hendricks, 1 run, fired on middle and leg, Hendricks clips through square
TK Curran to Bavuma, 3 runs, skips out, attempts to hoick leg side again... back-of-the-hand slowie from Curran and Bavuma doesn't time it, manages to clear the infield for three towards long-on
TK Curran to RR Hendricks, 1 run, length ball outside off, pushed into the covers for a single

Just drizzling, I think, the umpires are keeping them out (for now)

9 | 6 Runs | SA: 54/1 | RR: 6.00

  • Reeza Hendricks29 (26b)
  • Temba Bavuma11 (11b)
  • Matt Parkinson1-0-6-0
  • Tom Curran1-0-6-0

"The 156-ball shootout," chuckles phillip martin. "The ECB may catch on.... "

Parkinson to RR Hendricks, 1 run, flatter, a touch quicker and nudged towards square leg
Parkinson to RR Hendricks, 1 wide, looped up well outside leg stump, straightening through to the keeper - but that's a wide
Parkinson to Bavuma, 1 run, flighted, drifting in as Bavuma comes down and works the ball into a gap leg side

And there's rain in the air again...

Parkinson to RR Hendricks, 1 run, pushed through, 76kph/47mph and skidding on, clipped leg side
Parkinson to RR Hendricks, no run, slow and loopy on middle and leg, Hendricks props forward in defence
Parkinson to RR Hendricks, no run, floated up and tapped into the off side