Day 4

660dJon Culley at Trent Bridge

Nottinghamshire win brings title close

Nottinghamshire took a giant stride towards winning their sixth County Championship and a second in six seasons after Lancashire's desperate attempt to keep their own outside chance alive offered Chris Read's side a route to victory that they were able to

Day 3

660dJon Culley at Trent Bridge

Rain ruins Lancashire hopes

It will almost certainly need a deal to be struck between Lancashire and Nottinghamshire to force a positive result in this match after the whole of the third day was lost to rain

Day 2

660dJon Culley at Trent Bridge

Hales revives Nottinghamshire's prospects

Given that rivals Yorkshire and Somerset may have to settle for draws in their respective matches, Division One leaders Nottinghamshire have an opportunity to make a decisive break in the title race here

Day 1

660dJon Culley at Trent Bridge

Late wickets halt Lancashire's progress

All was going well for Lancashire until the weather, which they customarily regard as the enemy at this time of year, exposed suspect concentration with a capricious burst of late-evening sunshine

Notts 4th innings Partnerships

1st20MJ WoodAD Hales
2nd3MA WaghAD Hales
3rd86SR PatelAD Hales
4th84AD BrownAD Hales
5th6AD BrownCMW Read
6th53AD BrownSJ Mullaney
7th0PJ FranksSJ Mullaney
8th9AR AdamsSJ Mullaney