Match Details


Police Sports Club , elected to field first


Hours of play (local time)

10.00 start, First Session 10.00-11.25, Interval 11.25-11.45, Second Session 11.45-13.10

Match days

10 January 2020 (20-over match)

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee


Police Sports Club 2, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club 0

Police SC 2nd innings Partnerships

1st24HSM ZoysaABLD Rodrigo
2nd1ABLD RodrigoSADU Mihiran
3rd56AGS MayuraSADU Mihiran
4th36AGS MayuraA Sigera
5th15PHS MadushankaA Sigera
6th20HM JayawardenePHS Madushanka
7th0PHS MadushankaM de Silva
8th0PHS MadushankaRALD Silva
9th7PHS MadushankaT Weerasuriya