2nd ODI, Belfast, May 21 2019, Afghanistan tour of Ireland
(41.2/50 ov, target 306)179
Afghanistan won by 126 runs
Player Of The Series
121 runs • 1 wkt

That's all from our side. See you soon.

And the two captains pose with the trophy.

Gulbadin Naib: Thanks to Allah, this is a perfect finish to the series. Credit goes to the boys. Last time Ireland played a good game, today we bounced back. A big event coming up, I think it's been perfect preparation for us. Shahzad scored a hundred, Rahmat Shah played a good knock.

William Porterfield: Afghanistan played better, They did basics for a longer period. We knew it was going to be a decent pitch. If you look at, Mark Adair has been fantastic, he has gone strength to strength. We got a lot of game time.

Paul Stirling, the Player of the Series: We would have liked to wrap the series 2-0. So a bit disappointing. We didn't manage to get a couple of early wickets and put pressure on them.

6.02pm Time for the presentation ceremony.

5.53pm And Afghanistan level the two-match series 1-1 with a mammoth 126-run victory. Naib led from the front with a six-wicket haul but the platform was set by Shahzad's sixth ODI hundred and Najibullah's unbeaten 60 off 33 balls. Stirling scored yet another half-century but there was hardly any support from the other batsmen.

Gulbadin to Wilson, OUT

and that's the sixth wicket for Naib. A slower one around off, swipes it across but cannot clear Rashid at midwicket

Gary Wilson c Rashid Khan b Gulbadin Naib 34 (83m 53b 2x4 0x6) SR: 64.15
Gulbadin to Wilson, no run

short of length outside off, pulls it towards long-on but denies the single

end of over 415 runs
IRE: 179/9CRR: 4.36 RRR: 14.11
Boyd Rankin1 (7)
Gary Wilson34 (51)
Rashid Khan 9-0-31-0
Gulbadin Naib 9-0-43-5
Rashid Khan to Rankin, no run

length ball on the stumps, looks to defend on the front foot but gets beaten. Another appeal for lbw but going down

Rashid Khan to Rankin, no run
Rashid Khan to Rankin, no run

fuller on the stumps, looks to hit down the ground but gets beaten. An appeal for the lbw but it just pitched outside leg

Rashid Khan to Wilson, 1 run

fuller outside off, sweeps it firmly towards deep square leg

Rashid Khan to Wilson, no run

length ball outside off, comes forward to defend and gets beaten

Rashid Khan to Wilson, FOUR runs

a length ball on the stumps, goes for the sweep and beats short fine leg

end of over 407 runs
IRE: 174/9CRR: 4.35 RRR: 13.20
Gary Wilson29 (48)
Boyd Rankin1 (4)
Gulbadin Naib 9-0-43-5
Dawlat Zadran 7-0-35-1
Gulbadin to Wilson, 1 run

short of length outside off, cuts it towards sweeper cover for one

Gulbadin to Wilson, no run
Gulbadin to Wilson, FOUR runs
Gulbadin to Rankin, 1 run

fuller around off, goes over mid-off but doesn't get the timing right, Rashid runs backward and stretches to his right, puts in the dive but cannot reach there. Looks like he has hurt himself in the process, but he is up and fine

Azweer: "So the Captain gets a Five-for... Been a while since we heard this ..!!!"

Gulbadin to Rankin, no run

short of length into the batsman, defended on the leg side

Gulbadin to Wilson, 1 run

short of length outside off, pulls it towards deep midwicket

end of over 394 runs
IRE: 167/9CRR: 4.28 RRR: 12.63
Boyd Rankin0 (2)
Gary Wilson23 (44)
Dawlat Zadran 7-0-35-1
Gulbadin Naib 8-0-36-5
Zadran to Rankin, no run

fuller on the stumps, pushed back towards the bowler who has a shy at the bowler. The batsman was unmoved. An apology and a thumbs-up from Dawlat

Zadran to Rankin, no run

length outside off, pushes at it and gets beaten

Zadran to Wilson, 1 leg bye

a bouncer this time, Wilson goes for the pull but is early into the pull, gets his on the shoulder. Collects a leg-bye as the ball dribbles towards third man

Zadran to Wilson, 2 runs

back of length outside off, arches back and dabs towards deep point

Zadran to Wilson, 1 wide

a bouncer outside off, Wilson leaves it alone and that's another wide

Zadran to Wilson, no run
Zadran to Wilson, no run