3rd Match (D/N), Dambulla, Jun 18 2010, Asia Cup
(40.2/50 ov, target 313)186
Sri Lanka won by 126 runs
Player Of The Match
71 (51) & 3/37

On that note, we take your leave. Good night and good luck

Dilshan, MoM "I am really enjoying my batting at the moment. First 10 overs, I try to attack, then settle down to play longer, unfortunately I got out today. I am really happy with the bowling, I enjoy bowling."

Sanga "You never know what to expect of the Dambulla wicket, but the way Dilshan batted, there is no pressure on you. Tharanga supported him well, and Mahela got us the momentum back. Great to have this feel in the dressing room, especially from Zimbabwe, the way they were focussed on winning, it has really rubbed onto us."

Shakib "We didn't start ball, especially with the new ball. Dilshan played some magnificent shots, and took away the game from us. It is frustrating, we have played good cricket for the last 12 months, but suddenly in the last four games we haven't played to our potential. The wicket was good, there was no reason for not batting well."

So not much from outside Tamim again, although Junaid impressed. Sri Lanka efficient. They go to top of table with nine points. Dilshan's match it was, with that quick fifty and three wickets. Do stay back for post-match quotes

Malinga to Shafiul, OUT

finally it's all over, finally Malinga bowls one yorker on the middle-stump line, and Sri Lanka have registered a bonus point against Tamim and friends

Shafiul Islam b Malinga 2 (16m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57
Malinga to Shafiul, no run

hits his pad with a yorker, but down the leg side

end of over 40Wicket maiden
BAN: 186/9CRR: 4.65 RRR: 12.70
Syed Rasel0 (5)
Shafiul Islam2 (5)
Chanaka Welegedara 8-2-31-2
Lasith Malinga 8-0-35-1
Welegedara to Syed Rasel, no run

inside edge onto the pad, another wicket-maiden for Welegedara

Welegedara to Syed Rasel, no run

edged away, but falls short of Samaraweera at slip

Welegedara to Syed Rasel, no run

into the ribs, plays it one-handed

Welegedara to Syed Rasel, no run

short ball, pulls and misses, half a shout but nothing there

Welegedara to Syed Rasel, no run

driven into the off side, one bounce to Dilshan at cover

Syed Rasel is the last man in

Welegedara to Mortaza, OUT

nine down there, Mash heaves at one too many, making room, and gets a thick edge to a back-of-a-length delivery to the keeper

Mashrafe Mortaza c †Sangakkara b Welegedara 15 (17m 15b 3x4 0x6) SR: 100

People asking about the bonus point. Yes, Sri Lanka can claim the bonus point, if they reduced BD to 249. The criterion for bonus point is if you reach the target inside 80% of allocated overs or restrict the other side to 80% of your score. Batting Powerplay taken now

end of over 394 runs
BAN: 186/8CRR: 4.76 RRR: 11.54
Shafiul Islam2 (5)
Mashrafe Mortaza15 (14)
Lasith Malinga 8-0-35-1
Chanaka Welegedara 7-1-31-1
Malinga to Shafiul, no run

another yorker misses the stumps, the off stick this time

Malinga to Mortaza, 1 run

slower ball, outside off, the mis-hit lobs towards long-on

slip goes to midwicket

Malinga to Mortaza, no run

slower ball this time, headed for the prone stumps before Mash gets his bat down

Malinga to Mortaza, 2 runs

another yorker outside leg, gets his bat to it and comes back for two by the time long-on comes around

Malinga to Mortaza, no run

how are they missing the stumps? Mash makes sure his feet are out of harm's way, the ball bounces on the popping crease and misses the leg stump again

Malinga to Shafiul, 1 bye

how did that miss the leg stump? another yorker, he has no clue about it, but it misses the stumps