Hove, May 9 - 11 2006, County Championship Division One
143 & 247
(target 162)229 & 120
Sussex won by 41 runs
Sussex 1st INNINGS
Richard Montgomerie  b Sidebottom819171042.10
Carl Hopkinson  b Harris220280010.00
Michael Yardy  b Franks251031423024.27
Murray Goodwin c †Read b Franks2983973034.93
Chris Adams (c)c Gallian b Sidebottom615180040.00
Matt Prior  b Swann3349546067.34
Robin Martin-Jenkins  b Hussey1758742029.31
Luke Wright lbw b Swann1338350034.21
Naved-ul-Hasan lbw b Ealham22400100.00
Mushtaq Ahmed c Gallian b Ealham16100016.66
Jason Lewry not out 086000.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 4)7
TOTAL(66.3 Ov, RR: 2.15)143
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Richard Montgomerie), 2-10 (Carl Hopkinson), 3-64 (Murray Goodwin), 4-75 (Chris Adams), 5-75 (Michael Yardy), 6-114 (Matt Prior), 7-138 (Robin Martin-Jenkins), 8-140 (Luke Wright), 9-142 (Naved-ul-Hasan), 10-143 (Mushtaq Ahmed)
Ryan Sidebottom1663622.25---00
Andrew Harris1233312.75---00
Mark Ealham13.371721.25---00
Graeme Swann1542521.66---00
Paul Franks952422.66---01
David Hussey10515.00---01
Nottinghamshire 1st INNINGS
Darren Bicknell c Yardy b Naved-ul-Hasan281001282028.00
Jason Gallian (c)lbw b Mushtaq Ahmed1952421036.53
Russell Warren  b Lewry916222056.25
David Hussey lbw b Naved-ul-Hasan1535521042.85
Graeme Swann lbw b Mushtaq Ahmed37761024048.68
Will Smith c Montgomerie b Mushtaq Ahmed1651473031.37
Chris Read lbw b Mushtaq Ahmed057000.00
Mark Ealham c Lewry b Mushtaq Ahmed5266976178.78
Paul Franks  b Naved-ul-Hasan719160036.84
Ryan Sidebottom not out 2162621133.87
Andrew Harris c †Prior b Mushtaq Ahmed2760028.57
Extras(b 10, lb 5, nb 8)23
TOTAL(80.5 Ov, RR: 2.83)229
Fall of wickets: 0-13, 1-34 (Russell Warren), 2-64 (David Hussey), 3-79 (Darren Bicknell), 4-114 (Will Smith), 5-131 (Graeme Swann), 6-131 (Chris Read), 7-148 (Jason Gallian), 8-159 (Paul Franks), 9-227 (Mark Ealham), 10-229 (Andrew Harris)
Jason Lewry1753812.23---00
Mushtaq Ahmed28.567262.49---00
Robin Martin-Jenkins42501.25---00
Luke Wright731001.42---00
Sussex 2nd INNINGS
Carl Hopkinson c & b Swann741962544037.75
Richard Montgomerie c Gallian b Swann2966833043.93
Michael Yardy c †Read b Ealham721161033.33
Murray Goodwin c & b Harris528250017.85
Chris Adams (c)c Harris b Swann3789982141.57
Matt Prior  b Hussey4262813067.74
Robin Martin-Jenkins  b Swann2256521039.28
Luke Wright lbw b Ealham329240010.34
Naved-ul-Hasan  b Ealham1118241061.11
Mushtaq Ahmed not out 036000.00
Jason Lewry c †Read b Ealham031000.00
Extras(b 5, lb 6, nb 6)17
TOTAL(94.4 Ov, RR: 2.60)247
Fall of wickets: 1-68 (Richard Montgomerie), 2-77 (Michael Yardy), 3-91 (Murray Goodwin), 4-154 (Chris Adams), 5-185 (Carl Hopkinson), 6-233 (Robin Martin-Jenkins), 7-233 (Matt Prior), 8-242 (Luke Wright), 9-247 (Naved-ul-Hasan), 10-247 (Jason Lewry)
Ryan Sidebottom1371701.30---00
Andrew Harris1041611.60---00
Graeme Swann43811442.65---00
Paul Franks1215004.16---03
Mark Ealham12.402942.28---00
David Hussey401012.50---00
Nottinghamshire 2nd INNINGS (target: 162 runs)
Darren Bicknell lbw b Lewry2871874039.43
Jason Gallian (c)lbw b Mushtaq Ahmed1536511041.66
Russell Warren c Hopkinson b Lewry721241033.33
David Hussey lbw b Lewry314110021.42
Will Smith c Lewry b Naved-ul-Hasan1347620127.65
Chris Read  b Naved-ul-Hasan1521223071.42
Mark Ealham lbw b Mushtaq Ahmed3780042.85
Paul Franks  b Naved-ul-Hasan31190027.27
Graeme Swann  b Naved-ul-Hasan1415171193.33
Ryan Sidebottom not out 620240030.00
Andrew Harris  b Mushtaq Ahmed310160030.00
Extras(b 6, lb 2, w 2)10
TOTAL(45.3 Ov, RR: 2.63)120
Fall of wickets: 1-32 (Jason Gallian), 2-49 (Russell Warren), 3-52 (Darren Bicknell), 4-55 (David Hussey), 5-83 (Chris Read), 6-86 (Mark Ealham), 7-89 (Paul Franks), 8-96 (Will Smith), 9-111 (Graeme Swann), 10-120 (Andrew Harris)
Jason Lewry1022332.30---20
Mushtaq Ahmed18.345833.13---00
Robin Martin-Jenkins42200.50---00
County Ground, Hove
TossSussex, elected to bat first
SeriesCounty Championship Division One
Match daysday (4-day match)
England Image
Graham Burgess
England Image
Rob Bailey
PointsSussex 17, Nottinghamshire 4
Tue, 09 May - day 1 - Notts 1st innings 72/2 (Darren Bicknell 28*, Graeme Swann 1*, 27 ov)
Wed, 10 May - day 2 - Sussex 2nd innings 111/3 (Carl Hopkinson 55*, Chris Adams 10*, 48 ov)
Thu, 11 May - day 3 - Notts 2nd innings 120 (45.3 ov) - end of match
  • JER Gallian (1) retired hurt on 10* from 13/0 to 114/4