2nd Test, Colombo (SSC), Dec 9 - 13 2007, England tour of Sri Lanka
(77 ov)351 & 250/3
Match drawn
Player Of The Match

Presentation Michael Vaughan: "We got through with some good batting and it's turned into a comfortable draw. The bowlers did well to keep running in on that pitch. We are 1-0 down still but have got a lot to fight for to go home with a draw. It's one of the most comfortable draws I've been involved in, normally we have a panic somewhere, but not today." He sounds fairly content and hopes the Galle pitch is a little more balanced.

Vaughan adds that Matthew Hoggard is coming along well in his rehab and they will assess their options when they get to Galle.

Now it's Mahela Jayawardene, who has also been named Man of the Match for his 195. He's asked about missing the double ton. "It was a mistake on my part, but it's the way I play and it put the team in a strong place."

Talking about the match and the declaration: "Even two days on this pitch [to bowl England] might not have been enough. It was very flat and slow."

He adds that they will look at Dilhara Fernando's ankle before the next match, and says the team missed Sanath Jayasuriya's bowling but was impressed with Chamara Silva's effort.

That just about wraps it up from this Test. From your commentators, Andrew McGlashan, Martin Williamson and, briefly today, Jamie Alter, thanks for following the game with us. Do join us again for the third and final Test, which will start at 10am (4.30GMT) on Tuesday and the build-up will begin from around 9.30am (4.00GMT). For now, it's goodbye.

3.40pm Well, after saying it wouldn't be called off until 4pm, the match has now been called off. So it's official, the second Test is drawn. That's a fair result, the pitch never really suggested a win was possible, so the two sides will travel to Galle with the series still alive. Stay with us for the presentations which will follow shortly.

3.35pm "Play won't officially be called off until 4pm (half an hour) but I've just been for a wander on the outfield," says Andrew Miller. "The puddles on the covers are coming up to my socks, and there are some mudslicks on the outfield as well. I think we can safely write this one off now." Walking on the outfield and not being arrested...wouldn't happen in England.

3.30pm The rain appears to have stopped, the umpires have been out to have a look but there is a lot of water on the covers. If we get any news I will pass it on.

3.25pm "Can't you magic some sunshine out of somewhere? Reading your commentary is great displacement activity whilst I'm supposed to be writing a sermon," says the Reverend Graham Peacock. "....and before you say anything about the weather being more my department, with me being a Rev, I'm in sales, not management...." Sorry Rev, not much sun on the horizon

3.15pm Still raining in Colombo, it's looking unlikely that there will be any more action and it may not be long before a call-off given the direction the game is heading.

3.05pm The rain is coming down steadily and the entire ground is now even if it stops it will take a while to clear the playing area

3.00pm Hi Andrew here, still no good news from me - some people would say that's nothing new - but the covers are firmly in place.

2.50pm And the heavens have opened, even they can't face Gnasher's commentary, and the tarpaulins are being heaved into position. We won't be starting on time after tea.

end of over 776 runs
ENG: 250/3CRR: 3.24 
Paul Collingwood23 (67)
Kevin Pietersen45 (79)
Chamara Silva 13-1-57-1
Dilhara Fernando 10-0-30-1

Tea And that's the end of the session and, without being a hostage to fortune, this match is meandering to a draw. For a very brief moment England jiggled when Ian Bell holed out to leave them in effect 7 for 3, but Paul Collingwood and Kevin Pietersen had few worries in the last hour and by the end of the afternoon Sri Lanka's body language suggested they knew that they were not going to win ... not that it matters as they still head to Galle one up. Even Muralitharan, who has been very subdued, was rested as Jayawardene probably wanted to keep him as fresh as possible for Galle. It's growing darker and so the weather might put this match out of its misery. If not, Andrew McGlashan will be back at 3.00pm (0930 GMT) to inflict some misery of his own ...

Silva to PD Collingwood, no run

and that's that

Clouds really growing quite hostile. Unlike the crowd who have gone to sleep.

Mahela Jayawardene ambled after that rather than anything faster ... you suspect he has almost given up the fight.

Silva to PD Collingwood, FOUR runs

another full bunger which is clipped through midwicket. Silva's fingers must be tired as he is not used to bowling this much

Silva to PD Collingwood, 2 runs

worked past slip off the back foot

If Dar was unhappy at the number of fielders behind square then it should have been a no-ball ... all very odd.

Silva to PD Collingwood, no run

pushed to mid-on

Silva to PD Collingwood, no run


Aleem Dar signals a dead ball from square leg which is all very odd as Collingwood certainly didn't kick the ball. He then moves from square leg to cover.

Silva to PD Collingwood, no run

a step and a half and flicked into the on side

end of over 763 runs
ENG: 244/3CRR: 3.21 
Paul Collingwood17 (61)
Kevin Pietersen45 (79)
Dilhara Fernando 10-0-30-1
Chamara Silva 12-1-51-1

One more over and then it will be tea. Clouds hovering but we should be OK.

Fernando to PD Collingwood, 1 run

short of a length and outside off, Collingwood gets over it and runs it down to third man

Fernando to PD Collingwood, no run

he misses as he tries to flick the ball towards midwicket, a yell of frustration from Fernando but no appeal as that was drifting down the leg side

Tea looms ... you can tell because that sound of thunder is Andrew Miller's stomach rumbling.

Fernando to PD Collingwood, no run

a bouncer, not fast but too short to consider hooking and Collingwood ducks

Fernando to Pietersen, 1 run

short of a length and military medium, he steps back and turns into the on side

Fernando to PD Collingwood, 1 run

swinging down the leg side and overpitched, helped round the corner to fine leg

Fernando to PD Collingwood, no run

low key start to the over

end of over 752 runs
ENG: 241/3CRR: 3.21 
Kevin Pietersen44 (78)
Paul Collingwood15 (56)
Chamara Silva 12-1-51-1
Dilhara Fernando 9-0-27-1

Silva, who is no more than an occasional bowler, has shown more than enough to suggest he could become more than that. A useful partnership breaker. Doug Walters was one of those, although it is unlikely that Silva, or even the entire Sri Lankan side, could match Doug for beer intake.

Silva to Pietersen, no run

defended into the leg side

Silva to Pietersen, no run

a missed sweep from outside the off stump, another big appeal but once more that would have had to turn the other way, plus he was outside the line of off stump anyway

Silva to PD Collingwood, 1 run

turned behind square on the leg, not that well kept down but into space

Silva to PD Collingwood, no run

tossed up, driven and well fielded off his own bowling

Silva to PD Collingwood, no run

outside off, Collingwood thrusts his pad forward and the appeal is opportunistic as he's not bowled too many ripping goglies, which that would have had to be

Silva to Pietersen, 1 run

good air, driven up to long-on and he ambles the single

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