Sri Lanka vs England, 2nd Test at Colombo, , Dec 09 2007 - Full Scorecard

2nd Test, Colombo (SSC), December 09 - 13, 2007, England tour of Sri Lanka
351 & 250/3

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
England 1st Innings
Sri Lanka 1st Innings
England 2nd Innings
Match Flow
England 1st Innings 
lbw b Malinga812343448034.61
c Mubarak b Muralidaran8713916112062.58
c Mubarak b Muralidaran1562801024.19
c Sangakkara b Vaas1560020.00
lbw b Vaas52961447054.16
b Malinga011000.00
c & b Muralidaran791301899060.76
lbw b Malinga28120025.00
c DPMD Jayawardene b Muralidaran17811101020.98
c Silva b Muralidaran016000.00
not out 079000.00
Extras(b 8, lb 2, nb 7)17
TOTAL126.2 Ov (RR: 2.77, 536 Mins)351
Fall of wickets: 1-133 (Michael Vaughan, 39.2 ov), 2-168 (Ian Bell, 59.1 ov), 3-171 (Kevin Pietersen, 60.3 ov), 4-237 (Alastair Cook, 82.3 ov), 5-237 (Ravi Bopara, 82.4 ov), 6-269 (Paul Collingwood, 93.5 ov), 7-272 (Stuart Broad, 96.2 ov), 8-346 (Ryan Sidebottom, 122.6 ov), 9-350 (Steve Harmison, 124.1 ov), 10-351 (Matt Prior, 126.2 ov)
60.3 to KP Pietersen, and the plan has worked, it's a brilliant piece of work at slip, but wait, there's controversy. Pietersen went for a drive at a wide ball, nicked to the third slip, Silva, who dived to his left and grabbed the catch low to the turf, it bobbles up and Sangakkara comes from first slip to take the rebound. Pietersen waits as the umpires consult, Harper raises his finger, but TV replays show the ball appears to have brushed the ground before the initial take by Silva. Pietersen waits inside the boundary, as he did at Lord's earlier this year against India, but there's no overturning this decision and he's off. 171/3
93.5 to PD Collingwood, Collingwood left it, Vaas foooled him with the one that came back in, it pitched well in line and would have gone on to hit middle and off. 269/6
82.3 to AN Cook, a huge wicket there, Cook trudges off dejectedly and somewhat unamused as the finger is raised for one which pitched pretty much on leg, if not just outside, and would have whirred well on its way outside leg. 237/4
82.4 to RS Bopara, no doubts about that one - too good for Bopara who is beaten immediately with a coruscating yorker, moving away, and he's too late with a vain stab down of the bat. 237/5
96.2 to SCJ Broad, straight and true as you like, rapping Broad low on the pad, the batsman playing down the wrong line. 272/7
39.2 to MP Vaughan, gone! and what a stroke of luck for Sri Lanka, and poor luck for Vaughan as he flicks this neatly off his pads put straight at short-leg, who somehow manages to hold onto it between his legs...that's a remarkable moment, and gains Sri Lanka a wicket out of nowhere. 133/1
59.1 to IR Bell, and Murali is the man again...round the wicket to Bell, who tries to work it to leg but edges into his thigh pad and the ball balloons up to short leg. For the second time today Mubarak shows outstanding reactions, diving away high to his right...this time there was no luck in the wicket. 168/2
122.6 to RJ Sidebottom, gone this time, finally the stand is broken, rips an off-break across Sidebottom who gets the edge which is well taken by Mahela Jayawardene, diving to his right at slip after a bobble. The ball went close to the wicketkeeper. 346/8
124.1 to SJ Harmison, another for Murali, low full toss and Harmison tries to sweep but gets a top edge to short Prior will be wishing he'd taken the strike. 350/9
126.2 to MJ Prior, the end of the innings, Prior goes for the slog sweep and gets a top edge, Murali calls for it himself and catches it safely at about midwicket. Another five wicket haul for him and a fine innings from Prior. 351/10
Sri Lanka 1st Innings 
lbw b Sidebottom13825934818153.28
c †Prior b Sidebottom1021302047.61
c †Prior b Sidebottom110100010.00
c Collingwood b Panesar19542257816146.20
c Bopara b Harmison491061803046.22
c Bell b Harmison923501039.13
c †Prior b Harmison791612176049.06
c Bell b Broad414140028.57
lbw b Panesar923331039.13
not out 36821295043.90
Extras(b 7, lb 9, nb 1, w 1)18
TOTAL186.5 Ov (RR: 2.93, 800 Mins)548/9d
Fall of wickets: 1-20 (Upul Tharanga, 6.4 ov), 2-22 (Kumar Sangakkara, 8.5 ov), 3-249 (Michael Vandort, 80.4 ov), 4-377 (Chamara Silva, 124.4 ov), 5-399 (Jehan Mubarak, 136.3 ov), 6-420 (Mahela Jayawardene, 143.2 ov), 7-425 (Chaminda Vaas, 146.5 ov), 8-450 (Lasith Malinga, 155.1 ov), 9-548 (Prasanna Jayawardene, 186.5 ov)
6.4 to WU Tharanga, gone! first blow for England, outside off stump and Tharanga pushes away and sends a thick edge to Prior, who takes a superb one-handed catch in front of first slip. Vital early breakthrough.. 20/1
8.5 to KC Sangakkara, gone! what a huge wicket, and a huge moment in this Test. Outside off stump, a probing line and Sangakkara has a nibble, gets the edge, and another good catch from Prior. 22/2
80.4 to MG Vandort, a breakthrough almost out of nowhere, Vandort plays across a delivery which is heading towards middle and leg, big shout from Sidebottom and Harper raises his finger...looks like it would have taken leg stump and it's a vital wicket, can England make it count?. 249/3
146.5 to WPUJC Vaas, another one falls to a short delivery, banged in, Vaas tries to hook but gets his timing wrong and the ball loops off the back of the glove/wristband to slip. Vaas stands his ground but Broad is already celebrating his first Test wicket. 425/7
124.4 to LPC Silva, and that came from nowhere ... Harmison bends his back, bangs it in, it climbs, Silva can't get over it, the ball takes the shoulder and loops to Bopara who takes a gentle but low catch at point. 377/4
136.3 to J Mubarak, and the effort pays off this time, banged in, Mubarak can't get over it and the ball loops slowly off the glove to Bell at backward point. 399/5
186.5 to HAPW Jayawardene, finally the breakthrough, extra bounce does the trick as Jayawardene tries to lift it over the slips but gets a top edge through to Prior...a deserved third scalp for Harmison. 548/9
143.2 to DPMD Jayawardene, he tries to repeat the slog over midwicket from the previous over but gets a big top edge and the ball goes a long way up and Collingwood at first slip just has to wait for gravity to do its job. 420/6
155.1 to SL Malinga, another wicket for Panesar, on middle and Malinga tries to turn to the leg side, misses and is hit straight in front of the stumps. Easy decision for Aleem Dar. 450/8
England 2nd Innings 
c DPMD Jayawardene b Silva621241815050.00
c & b Fernando611091268055.96
c Vandort b Muralidaran54881067061.36
not out 45791194156.96
not out 2367652034.32
Extras(nb 5)5
TOTAL77 Ov (RR: 3.24, 301 Mins)250/3
Fall of wickets: 1-107 (Michael Vaughan, 31.4 ov), 2-152 (Alastair Cook, 46.1 ov), 3-204 (Ian Bell, 60.4 ov)
31.4 to MP Vaughan, he drives too early and spoons a simple waist-high catch back to Fernando. 107/1
60.4 to IR Bell, a breakthrough, Bell trying to be aggressive by going over the top, but doesn't middle the shot and offers Michael Vandort a catch at long-on. Vandort made good ground and held it low coming forwards. 204/3
46.1 to AN Cook, well, well, what a start...round the wicket outside off stump, Cook pushes forward and gets an outside to slip which is easily taken by Mahela Jayawardene. A first Test wicket for Silva and what a start to the final session for Sri Lanka. 152/2
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Sun, 09 Dec - day 1 - England 1st innings 258/5 (Paul Collingwood 49*, Matt Prior 10*, 87 ov)
Mon, 10 Dec - day 2 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 105/2 (Michael Vandort 50*, Mahela Jayawardene 43*, 38 ov)
Tue, 11 Dec - day 3 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 379/4 (Mahela Jayawardene 167*, Jehan Mubarak 2*, 128 ov)
Wed, 12 Dec - day 4 - England 2nd innings 48/0 (Alastair Cook 19*, Michael Vaughan 28*, 13 ov)
Thu, 13 Dec - day 5 - England 2nd innings 250/3 (77 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • England: 50 runs in 13.0 overs (80 balls), Extras 2
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 80 balls (AN Cook 20, MP Vaughan 28, Ex 2)
  • MP Vaughan: 50 off 81 balls (7 x 4)
  • England: 100 runs in 27.2 overs (167 balls), Extras 3
  • 1st Wicket: 100 runs in 167 balls (AN Cook 38, MP Vaughan 59, Ex 3)
  • Drinks: England - 107/1 in 31.4 overs (AN Cook 43)
  • Rain: England - 124/1 in 37.0 overs (AN Cook 46, IR Bell 14)
  • AN Cook: 50 off 97 balls (4 x 4)
  • England: 150 runs in 45.6 overs (280 balls), Extras 4
  • Lunch: England - 152/1 in 46.0 overs (AN Cook 62, IR Bell 25)
  • IR Bell: 50 off 80 balls (6 x 4)
  • England: 200 runs in 58.6 overs (359 balls), Extras 5
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 78 balls (IR Bell 29, KP Pietersen 20, Ex 1)
  • Drinks: England - 204/3 in 60.4 overs (KP Pietersen 22)
  • England: 250 runs in 76.5 overs (466 balls), Extras 5
  • Tea: England - 250/3 in 77.0 overs (KP Pietersen 45, PD Collingwood 23)
  • Rain: England - 250/3 in 77.0 overs (KP Pietersen 45, PD Collingwood 23)
  • Test Match Scorer - Binoy George
Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSri Lanka led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1853
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 16.30
Match days9,10,11,12,13 December 2007 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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