(D/N), Melbourne, Dec 15 2009, Ford Ranger Cup
(43.5/50 ov, target 340)290
South Aust won by 49 runs
player of the match
Mark Cosgrove
South Australia

The Redbacks win at the MCG for the first time in one day colours for 13 years. A superb victory set up by their batting earlier today.

Mark Cosgrove has been named Man of the match for his 104 from 81 balls. It was a superb knock that set up the win. Chris Rogers was outstanding but in the end his dismissal cost the Bushrangers the match.

Victoria remain third on the table despite their third straight loss. The Redbacks stay in the hunt by they remain in last spot on the table.

Join us again tomorrow for day one of the third test from Perth. Those keen to know when the Ford Ranger Cup continues, the last game of 2009 is next wednesday from the SCG between Victoria and New South Wales.

Thanks for your company.

Weeks to Holland, OUT

caught behind! Game over. Holland cleared the front leg, swung hard but nicked a straight forward catch to Manou behind. Manou's fourth catch. Weeks' fourth wicket.

Jon Holland c †Manou b Weeks 2 (9m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Weeks to Holland, no run

short ball wide of off, swing and miss. No wide called.

Weeks to Holland, no run

half volley, driven straight to mid off.

Weeks to Cassell, 1 run

short ball pulled out to deep square leg for a single.

Weeks to Cassell, FOUR runs

half volley crunched down the ground straight of mid off for four! Super shot.

end of over 432 runs
VIC: 285/9CRR: 6.62 • RRR: 7.86 • Need 55 runs from 42b
Rob Cassell1 (4)
Jon Holland2 (3)
Shaun Tait9-0-54-2
Tait to Cassell, 1 run

nudged wide of mid on and they sneak through for one.

Tait to Cassell, no run

play and miss.

Tait to Cassell, no run


Tait to Cassell, no run

play and miss

Tait to Holland, 1 run

dropped. Holland flat bats one to O'Brien at mid off and he spilss the chest high chance. They get on.

Tait to Holland, no run