5th Match, Group A, Johannesburg, Sep 26 2009, ICC Champions Trophy
(46.5/50 ov, target 276)225
Australia won by 50 runs
Player Of The Match
73* (47) & 0/44

That's the end of the match as Dale Richards is injured.

AB from Thailand: "West Indies could have easily won this had they bowled with disciple towards the end of their innings. Its a pity that despite putting up a fight in this match they have fallen behind, and they have got no one to blame but themselves and their bowlers. i know its an inexperienced bowling line up, but they have got to admit it that they let Australia off the hook, and if they could get Australia in a troublesome position in the first place then it shows that they are a capable bowling unit."

Plenty for Australia to ponder after this victory. It wasn't the cakewalk it was expected to be; even after they piled on 275 West Indies pushed them hard.

Post-match presentation:

Floyd Reifer: "Yeah, I thought we bowled well early, but Mitchell Johnson came in and played a magnificent innings, that's the way the game goes." He says the batsmen who got in should have gone on to make big scores. "People can't get out after making 50, someone had to go on and make a 80."

He says Dale Richards was out because of a dislocation.

Ricky Ponting: "Seemed like two different wickets. It was seaming around a bit, not so much swing, I thought we batted really well. Mitchell batted really well, and we used our Powerplay well. I don't think we bowled at our best. Too many extras."

Mitchell Johnson is the Man of the Match. He says the pitch wasn't so bad to bat on once you got your eye in. "I think the guys did well at the top of the order in difficult circumstances, I come in late and take all the glory."

Thanks for joining us for today's game, and for all the feedback. Click here to hop over to the India-Pakistan game, where Shoaib Malik has just made a century. That's it from me, Siddarth Ravindran. See you tomorrow.

Hauritz to Roach, OUT

another wicket for Hauritz, Roach swings the bat at a ball outside off, edges it towards Johnson at short third man

Kemar Roach c Johnson b Hauritz 3 (8m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.5
Hauritz to Miller, OUT

Hauritz strikes, Miller looks to swipe the ball beyond midwicket, a top edge sends the ball towards Ponting at midwicket, simple catch

Nikita Miller c Ponting b Hauritz 4 (11m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
Hauritz to Roach, 1 run

pushed to mid-on for a single

Hauritz to Miller, 1 run

cut away to deep point for a single

Hauritz to Miller, no run

the batsman looks to cut but misses the ball

Hauritz is brought into the attack

end of over 463 runs
WI: 223/7CRR: 4.84 RRR: 13.25
Nikita Miller3 (4)
Kemar Roach2 (6)
Mitchell Johnson 10-0-44-0
Shane Watson 7-0-34-2
Johnson to Miller, 1 run

slightly overpitched outside off, Miller looks to drive, gets a inside edge, the ball dribbles towards the keeper

Johnson to Roach, 1 run

Roach shuffles across and glides the ball behind square leg for a single

Johnson to Roach, 1 wide

a bouncer over Roach's head, too high

Johnson to Roach, no run

Johnson sends one angling across Roach, just outside off, Roach is beaten

Johnson to Roach, no run

full ball just outside off, Roach opens the face to get the ball towards backward point, again no run

Johnson to Roach, no run

a sharp bouncer from Johnson, Roach can't get bat on it

Johnson to Roach, no run

back of a length just outside off, pushed towards backward point, 'Nooooo' is the call

end of over 455 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 220/7CRR: 4.88 RRR: 11.20
Kemar Roach1 (1)
Nikita Miller2 (3)
Shane Watson 7-0-34-2
Mitchell Johnson 9-0-41-0

Btw, West Indies are still ahead of Australia's score at this stage

Watson to Roach, 1 run

Roach strokes his first ball beautifully past cover, Hussey at sweeper cover does the fielding

Watson to Reifer, OUT

a full ball just outside off, Reifer looks to crash that over mid-off, only gets it to point, where Hauritz accepts an easy catch

Floyd Reifer c Hauritz b Watson 28 (91m 56b 3x4 0x6) SR: 50
Watson to Miller, 1 run

Miller slashes this one to third man for a single

Watson to Reifer, (no ball) 1 run

another high full toss, this was over waist high, Reifer slams it to midwicket, Watson gets one warning for dangerous bowling

Watson to Miller, 1 run

a full ball ion leg stump, Miller eases it inside-out towards long-off

Watson to Miller, no run

Nikita Miller carves his first ball to point

Watson to Sammy, OUT

a high full toss does the job for Australia, Sammy absolutely hammers that, but straight to Hussey at sweeper cover, he really blasted that one, pity about the placement, the umpires discuss whether that full toss was above waist high, they decide it's okay, Sammy's got to go

Daren Sammy c Hussey b Watson 20 (23m 23b 1x4 2x6) SR: 86.95
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