10th Match, Group B, Birmingham, Jun 15 2013, ICC Champions Trophy
(19.1/22 ov)102/2
India won by 8 wickets (with 17 balls remaining) (D/L method)
player of the match

Plenty of hype before this match, but this was something of a damp squib, and not just because of the incessant rain. A one-sided contest this, and the Indian juggernaut rolls on. Certainly not a match that will join the ranks of classic India-Pakistan matches.

Mazher Arshad points out: "It is only second time when Pakistan have ended an ICC tournament without winning a match. First was ICC knockout 1998 in Dhaka."

And Faizan Lakhani tweets: "#Pakistan batting averages at #CT13 Farhat 2.00, Kamran 7.66, Malik 8.33, Hafeez 12.66." Easy to see why Pakistan's performance has been so poor this tournament.

The ground is bathed in beautiful sunshine now, seems like we could have play for several hours more.

Presentation ceremony:

Misbah-ul-Haq is booed as he comes to speak: "Disappointing performance again with the bat, the weather also played a part, difficult to get in and out so many times. In this sort of format, it is too short for the teams because you have one bad day at the start of the tournament, you are almost out of it. I think the bowling did okay for us, the way they are establishing themselves, really a plus for Pakistan." Enjoyed the tournament? "Not much."

MS Dhoni gets a big cheer as he walks up: "The fan support has always been there, no matter where we play. The whole team is doing really well, in all the three departments. We are the top fielding side in world cricket as of now, we need to keep the intensity up. Bhuvneshwar bowls very good areas, and can swing the ball, he's someone who has given us the early breakthroughs, good to see him bowl well."

Man of the Match is Bhuvneshwar Kumar: "There was a bit of bounce in the wicket, wasn't really nervous because it was Pakistan, but do feel nervous whichever game you play."

That's a wrap from our coverage for this match, thanks to all the fans for your persistence despite the many, many rain breaks. Hope you enjoyed reading up on Duckworth-Lewis method.

Hafeez to Karthik, 1 run

spins down the leg side, helped behind square leg for a quick single, and India have won the dead rubber

end of over 195 runs
INDIA: 101/2CRR: 5.31 RRR: 0.33 • Need 1 run from 18b
Virat Kohli22 (27)
Dinesh Karthik10 (14)
Wahab Riaz4-0-20-1
Saeed Ajmal5-0-29-1
Wahab Riaz to Kohli, FOUR runs

on legstump, Kohli swivels and dispatches that to the midwicket boundary, didn't seem to hit that very well

Wahab Riaz to Kohli, no run

length ball outside off, slapped towards point

Wahab Riaz to Karthik, 1 run

short of length ball on middle, works it away towards midwicket, goes for the quick single, Wahab does the fielding and fires the ball towards the non-striker's end, Karthik has to dive to make his ground

Wahab Riaz to Karthik, no run

short and quick, Karthik goes for the hook but doesn't connect, 139kph

Wahab Riaz to Karthik, no run

full and wide, Karthik tries to reach that, gets it on the toe of the bat, the ball dribbles to the off side

Wahab Riaz to Karthik, no run

shortish length, just outside off, defended from the crease to the off side

end of over 186 runs
INDIA: 96/2CRR: 5.33 RRR: 1.50 • Need 6 runs from 24b
Dinesh Karthik9 (10)
Virat Kohli18 (25)
Saeed Ajmal5-0-29-1
Wahab Riaz3-0-15-1

Shashank: "DK doesn't know that it's for the sun. He thinks it's war paint."

Ajmal to Karthik, 1 run

drops it short, spins in towards middle, flat-batted towards mid-on

Ajmal to Karthik, no run

doosra that spins away from Karthik, who waits on the back foot and defends to the off side

Ajmal to Karthik, no run

a touch shorter this time, blocked off the back foot

Ajmal to Karthik, FOUR runs

flighted and full, Karthik gets to the pitch of that and caresses that through cover, timed superbly by Karthik and India need another seven to win

Anchal : "Just noticed - Sum of hundreds scored by both teams in their ODI careers is still 1 less than Tendulkar's ODI career"

And the crowd is chanting, "We want six."

Ajmal to Kohli, 1 run

length ball spinning in towards leg stump, clipped towards midwicket for a single

Ajmal to Kohli, no run

spins in from a length, pushed off the back foot towards the bowler

end of over 173 runs
INDIA: 90/2CRR: 5.29 RRR: 2.40 • Need 12 runs from 30b
Dinesh Karthik4 (6)
Virat Kohli17 (23)
Wahab Riaz3-0-15-1
Saeed Ajmal4-0-23-1

Osama Baig: "@Sash Apparently you can damage your skin even in cloudy conditions. (No, I'm not a dermatologist. I'll listen to ads on radio. Avidly.)"

Wahab Riaz to Karthik, no run

short of length ball on middle stump, defended down the track

Wahab Riaz to Kohli, 1 run

back of a length ball just outside off, pushed towards point for one more

vivek: "Though in a different format, another left-hander from India scored two centuries in successive innings on his first visit to England, and got out for 48 in his third. He went on to captain the team later and get some hair extensions too." Great spot that about Ganguly.

Wahab Riaz to Kohli, no run

full and wide outside off, not so wide that it is declared illegal

Wahab Riaz to Karthik, 1 run

tucked towards square leg for one more

Wahab Riaz to Kohli, 1 run

short of a length ball outside off, and that is steered towards backward point

Wahab Riaz to Kohli, no run

length ball on middle and off, Kohli gets behind the line of that one and defends, 140.6kph from Wahab