37th Match, Pool A (D/N), Hamilton, Mar 13 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(48.5/50 ov, target 289)290/7
New Zealand won by 3 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
player of the match
Martin Guptill
New Zealand

10.10 pm: Well, that is all she wrote from Hamilton. New Zealand finish the group stages undefeated and on top, while Bangladesh get through at fourth spot. The most likely scenario now would be an India-Bangladesh quarter-final, with New Zealand yet to see who their partner could be as we wrap up the group stages. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of today's match. Tune into Match Point, in case you haven't already. Otherwise, this is Rohan Sharma bidding you adieu from ESPNcricinfo. Take care, folks!

Brendon McCullum, New Zealand captain: A little bit untidy in all three facets of the game. Credit to Mahmudullah and Bangladesh for their performances. Credit to them for putting up a big score, but in the end, we have to be better than that. I thought they have been hitting the ball okay, just a shortage of opportunities really. We all know Guptill is a quality player, not only with the bat, but in the field as well. Rosco would be a bit disappointed not to get the strike rate he wanted. Vettori is a leader within the group. Vettori also played well, along with Corey who was striking it quite beautifully too. Sometimes you are not always going to be on. I thought our awareness and our attention in the field could have been improved. This was more of a subcontinental wicket than a NZ, or Australian one, but it is good to still pull through with the win. I cut my hands a couple of times (diving in the field), but we have to be desperate in the field. It is an attitude we need to bring to the table. If we are serious about going deep, we got to keep it up. It doesn't bother us who we play next. We just need to reach the levels we are capable off, just be on song, and then make sure we turn up and deliver come the quarter-final.

Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh captain: I thought we played really well, especially with the way we batted. All the guys, Mahmudullah, Soumya, did well. We can take a lot of positives from this game, and we hope it put us in good favour for the quarter-finals. He is in great form (Mahmudullah), but he needs to keep going on. He is in great touch. Some of our boys are in good nick and are scoring runs regularly. Hopefully they can keep producing with both the bat and all. We just needed to get some early wickets, but then they scored more runs. It was hard for us as we were a bowler short. We didn't have five regular bowlers. We tried to keep it tight, but in the end we weren't able to.

10.00 pm: Don't go anywhere just yet, as we expect more quotes from the match presentation. Plus, there is always Match Point on the homepage!

Martin Guptill, Man of the Match: It's been a long time but I am glad I was able to pull through in the end. I felt pretty good most of the summer. There were a couple of innings where I didn't feel quite fluent. But Napier, and now here, I felt a lot better. We have a lot of belief in the team, and the way we have executed our skills has also been pretty special. Nice batting with Ross to create a little partnership. Always good batting with him. He is a quality player and I always learn from him.

9.55 pm: Bangladesh might have lost in the end, but they have done themselves no disservice here as they have laid their claim to be one of the contenders to watch out for as we transition into the business end of the tournament. There were periods during this match that they were well on top, and that too against one of the in-form teams of the World Cup.

So New Zealand beat Bangladesh in the end by three wickets, thanks largely to the 131-run stand between Ross and Guptill, which did a lot to settle the early setback after Shakib removed both Kane and Baz within a couple of balls.

New Zealand will be secretly thankful that Ross and Guptill got much-needed time in the middle, with the latter scoring the first century for a New Zealand batsman this World Cup. Taylor's innings, though, will be met with quite varied response. Shakib was the star of the show with the ball for Bangladesh, taking 4 for 55.

Shakib to Southee, FOUR runs

now chops away this one pitched on off stump to get it just past the point fielder, and away to the boundary to bring a famous victory to NZ

Shakib to Southee, SIX runs

Southee may not have done much with the ball today, but he has certainly done the job for NZ here as he lifts this one tossed up over long off, as this just sailed over for half-a-dozen

Shakib to Southee, no run

sends one in that is both wide and short, but all Southee can do is carve this straight to the cover fielder inside of the ring

Shakib to Vettori, 1 run

advances down before driving this away through long on for a single

Shakib to Southee, 1 run

eases away a single down to long on to get Vettori back on strike

Shakib back on again. Surely he can't do it once more?

end of over 4815 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 278/7CRR: 5.79 • RRR: 5.50 • Need 11 runs from 12b
Daniel Vettori15 (9)
Tim Southee1 (2)
Nasir Hossain5-0-32-2

karthik: "Its upto Dan the Man now.."

Nasir to Vettori, SIX runs

backs away again as Vettori has lifted the spirits of the Hamilton faithful with this graceful, inside-out lofted stroke that just passes over the clutches of deep extra-cover in the deep. Massive relief across this ground after it sailed over, as there was a period where he looked to be holing out like the rest before

Nasir to Vettori, 2 runs

backs away to the leg side before drilling this one straight to the fielder at deep extra-cover. They hustle as hard as possible to come back for the second, with a throw from the deep threatening to have him run out, but misses the mark

Nasir to Southee, 1 run

a touch short as Southee is able to whip this away through long leg to get off the strike

Nasir to Southee, no run

tosses one up outside of off which is played away to the off side, but the run cannot be taken

Tim Southee enters with NZ still needing 20 off 16

Nasir to Anderson, OUT

Nasir has the last laugh though as he rocks this Hamilton crowd into silence with a slightly quicker, flatter delivery that castle Anderson after he looked for the almighty heave over midwicket. Nasir lets out a roar of approval, and New Zealand now go seven down, with a big wicket back in the shed

Corey Anderson b Nasir Hossain 39 (42m 26b 3x4 3x6) SR: 150
Nasir to Anderson, SIX runs

make that 20 off 17 as Anderson sends this dragged length high over the man at long on. There is a one-handed catch in the crowd from the man in the orange target shirt. Can't get anymore sweeter for him could it?

26 off 18 now. Nasir to continue from round the wicket

end of over 477 runs
NZ: 263/6CRR: 5.59 • RRR: 8.67 • Need 26 runs from 18b
Corey Anderson33 (24)
Daniel Vettori7 (7)
Nasir Hossain4-0-17-1

Ganapathy: "Umpires should consider wearing helmets! That was a brutal hit from Anderson!"

Mahmudullah to Anderson, 1 run

swats this one dragged wide outside of off straight back past the bowler's right, who tried to avoid/catch it. This one ends up at long off, with Anderson retaining the strike

Mahmudullah to Anderson, no run

now tries to force away a cut through the covers, but is held well by the man inside of the ring

Mahmudullah to Vettori, 1 run

dropped. That moment may come back to haunt Bangladesh. Nasir makes a fabulous effort to try and reach this top-edge from Vettori's bat that flies high over to mid-on. The fielder is able to race across, put in the dive, but fails at the last stage in keeping it under control. Really terrific effort, but in matches like this, they need to be taken

Mahmudullah to Vettori, no run

flighted well wide of off, and turning away, as this is slashed to the fielder at point, who is able to dissuade the notion of quick single from the NZ batsmen

Mahmudullah to Anderson, 1 run

now shovels over a run towards long on

Mahmudullah to Anderson, FOUR runs

drags the length, with this turning away, as Vettori just flat-bats this straight past Mahmudullah to find the long off boundary

Mahmudullah has been handed the ball now. 33 needed off 24. Game on.