31st match, Southampton, Jun 24 2019, ICC Cricket World Cup
(47/50 ov, target 263)200
Bangladesh won by 62 runs
Player Of The Match
51 (69) & 5/29
end of over 475 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 200/10CRR: 4.25 RRR: 21.00
Samiullah Shinwari49 (51)
Mohammad Saifuddin 8-0-33-1
Mustafizur Rahman 8-1-32-2

6.32pm And that is all from our coverage. Thanks for joining us! On behalf of Thilak, Saurabh, and Peter, this is goodbye.

Mashrafe: The crowd has been fanatstic throughout this tournament.Shakib's been fantastic. He's scoring runs and whenever we need he's getting us wickets. I think that partnership wasn't very big but Mushy and Shakib partnership was important. Tamim batted well and Riyadh's innings was important. I think the physio will take a call later on him. Still one week left, so he could be alright. We will try our level best (against Pakistan and India), that's all I can say to the fans.

Gulbadin: Obviously we played tough games the last two games. Today we missed something in the fielding, 30-40 runs extra. The wicket was slow, it helped the spinners. But it wasn't that helpful in second innings. Credit to Shakib.

[Najib at 8] He hits it strongly, we thought it would be nice to send Ikram to take singles and keep it ticking.

I think we missed something this tournament, with things like injuries. We're missing something.

Shakib: Yes it's been great throughout this WC. Luckily we started well so the fans have been behind us. I think the five wickets gave me greater pleasure. I had to work really hard for the fifty. Mushfiq played an important knock, without him we wouldn't have got the runs. We knew it was going to be tough with their three spinners, so it needed a team effort. I did work really hard before the WC, I was well prepared. The best I could ever be prepared. It's paying off. Definitely want it to carry on. Our next two games against India and Pakistan are big games.

Shakib Al Hasan is the Man of the Match.

Shabd Wahal: "Top 7 teams points tally reads like this-11,10,9,8,7,6,5. The countdown has begun for the semifinal spot. Excited."

Tariq: "Shinwari was left stranded on 49. No wonder he is frustrated "

Shabd Wahal: "Bangladesh matches no longer David Vs Goliath against top teams. It's fight of equals and no longer be termed as upset anymore."

Ovy: "This is Shakib's world. We're just living in it! "

6:14pm A win by 62 runs. Shakib at it again. Big grin as he walks off and shakes hands. What a herculean World Cup performance it has been so far. Already good enough to go down as one of the best ever. A fifty and five-for for him today. He is yet to have an average day this tournament. Bangladesh haven't had too many average days either. They keep marching on as vigorously as they have been all tournament long. Clipping at the heels of England now in fifth place.

Saifuddin to Mujeeb, OUT

bowled him! Not sure if I've seen it right but Shinwari looked frustrated at the non-striker's end. Mujeeb has had a wild swing at a length ball coming into him

Mujeeb Ur Rahman b Mohammad Saifuddin 0 (7m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Saifuddin to Mujeeb, no run

full and just outside off, tapped to extra cover

Zunaid Kazi: "Arun on Sakib /long way to go to be best ever. Having been too all rounder in all forms of the game for years, what else does Sakib need to do? Walk on water?"

Saifuddin to Samiullah Shinwari, 1 run

bouncer at off stump, looks to pull, sliced into the empty square leg area

Saifuddin to Samiullah Shinwari, FOUR runs

yorker length outside off, digs this out viciously and gets it past the bowler. Shakib slides after sprinting to his right at long-off but can't stop it cleanly

Saifuddin to Samiullah Shinwari, no run

full on middle stump, flicked to long-on

Saifuddin to Samiullah Shinwari, no run

yorker just outside off, beaten as he tries to run it to third man

end of over 461 run • 1 wicket
AFG: 195/9CRR: 4.23 RRR: 17.00
Mujeeb Ur Rahman0 (2)
Samiullah Shinwari44 (47)
Mustafizur Rahman 8-1-32-2
Shakib Al Hasan 10-1-29-5

Arun : "Shakib may well be the best all rounder after Kallis. Long way to go to become the best ever! "

Kiran Nawathe: "With such impactful performance, Shakib really deserves to be player of the Tournament, even if Bangladesh doesn't qualify for Semis. As Lance klusener was in 1999 WC"

Mustafizur to Mujeeb, no run

short of a length and rising over off stump as he looks to poke through the off side

Mustafizur to Mujeeb, no run

length ball curving away outside off, looks to throw his hands at it and is beaten

Mustafizur to Zadran, OUT

thin edge says the umpire. Back of a length and angled in at middle and off. Backs away and looks to jab it down to third man. It's too much to do

Dawlat Zadran c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Mustafizur Rahman 0 (11m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Mustafizur to Zadran, no run

beaten. Length ball cuts away outside off as he pokes on the front foot

Mashur: "@Susam: If Shakib doesn't get that recognition then nobody would ever be able to get that. Tell me what he can't do. I will wait! The superstar! The myth! The legend! Unbelievably extraordinary!"

Mustafizur to Zadran, no run

length on off stump, tapped into the covers

Around the wicket

Mustafizur to Samiullah Shinwari, 1 run

short ball at the ribs, pulls uppishly to deep midwicket's right

end of over 453 runs
AFG: 194/8CRR: 4.31 RRR: 13.80
Dawlat Zadran0 (5)
Samiullah Shinwari43 (46)
Shakib Al Hasan 10-1-29-5
Mustafizur Rahman 7-1-31-1

Applause around the ground for a top spell from a top player.

Shakib to Zadran, no run

length ball drifted up at off stump, watchfully defended into the covers

Shakib to Zadran, no run

short of a length just outside off, tapped to extra cover's right off the back foot

Shakib to Samiullah Shinwari, 1 run

length on leg stump, pings off the inside edge as he gets forward to defend

Shakib to Samiullah Shinwari, no run

length on leg stump, flicked to short fine

Shakib to Samiullah Shinwari, no run

length on middle stump, defended on the front foot

Susam : "Is Sakib Al Hasan in the list of worlds best all rounders (All time)???? Will the world give him that respect... " --- A yes from me

Shakib to Samiullah Shinwari, 2 runs

length on middle stump, tapped into the midwicket region with soft hands

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