23rd Match, Group 1, Sharjah, October 29, 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(20 ov, T:143) 139/5

West Indies won by 3 runs

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Scorecard summary
West Indies 142/7(20 overs)
Bangladesh 139/5(20 overs)
44 (43)
1/22 (4)
31* (24)
1/24 (4)
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end of over 209 runs
BAN: 139/5CRR: 6.95 
Mahmudullah31 (24b 2x4 1x6)
Afif Hossain2 (2b)
Andre Russell 4-0-29-1
Dwayne Bravo 4-0-36-1

6.06pm: Right that brings us to the end of this thriller. West Indies are still alive in the T20 World Cup 2021. Technically, so are Bangladesh, but they'll need a lot of results going their way and a huge NRR boost. Meanwhile, the second game for today has started, so hop over to Afghanistan vs Pakistan. On behalf of Vishal and Thilak, this is Saurabh Somani bidding you goodbye.

Nicholas Pooran: It's tough managing all the players, but everyone gives me full support. All hands on the deck on field. Unfortunately we didn't really take all our catches, but the belief was there. We backed our experience to close out the game. (On not using Chase) had faith in our experienced bowlers. Akeal had been bowling really well and did today again. On that wicket back of a length was tough. (Russell last over) He's a big player and executed for us. (On Pollard's health) He looks fine, the medical team is still working with him but he should be okay. You can see why he's a wonderful leader, walking back in to hit that last-ball six. We try to be someone like that in the future.

Mahmudullah: I think Liton's wicket was very crucial because we were both set. If that would have been six… that's probably one advantage when you have tall fielders. Having said that, bowlers did quite a good job but we missed a few chances that cost 10-15 runs. We tried (to go harder at the top) but the wicket wasn't one where you could hit. When you bowled back of length it was hard to score. The bowlers did a good job, but it's the batting… but it was a close game, we can't blame batters or bowlers, in T20 cricket some games you win, some you lose. (Dropping catches) that is an issue, we need to do better.

Nicholas Pooran is the Man of the Match: Tactical move (to go lower down the order). We talk about batsmen taking responsibility and doing what's needed for the team. The batting hasn't clicked yet and we needed to put our hands up. I felt as a cricketer and a batsman I needed to put my hand up. We were missing Polly too. I have been working very very hard for the last couple of months, things just hadn't gone my way. I hadn't been doing myself justice, giving away my wicket. I'm always confident and positive about my attitude and skills.

Ihsaan: "The unsung Hero. Jason Holder in his comeback game. Hit 2 valuable 6's in the last over. Bowled well, and that catch off Liton which was destined for 6 " -- well Ihsaan, I've been singing his praises on commentary at least!

Rachel: "First meaningful contribution from Pooran in 2021." --- if you discount CPL 2021 entirely, then yes Rachel. Otherwise, he was part of our CPL 2021 tournament XI. He was quite superb there.

soumith potturi: "Bangladesh couldn't score 16 off last 11 balls while Windies got 19 off the last 5 balls. How important are these last overs.."

Deepak: "The last ball six from Pollard in West Indies innings, did it for them, considering he was not middling the ball.."

5.52pm: A proper thriller. West Indies had it, then Bangladesh had it, then West Indies got it back. And this after they were 48 for 2 in their first 10 overs. Nicholas Pooran captained them in the field with Pollard off, and he eventually marshalled his resources well. Pollard on the field now, looks okay. Pooran's innings was the game-changer - he batted on a different pitch to the rest. But don't forget Jason Holder's many contributions - with bat, with ball, in field. What on earth was he doing in the reserves? (I know it's been asked, but it bears repeating).

Russell to Mahmudullah, no run

Russell has done it for West Indies. He has bowled a quite magnificent final over and ends it with a full ball in the channel that Mahmdullah can't lay bat on as he's looking to slash it for the game-winning boundary. West Indies keep their title defence alive.

Russell to Mahmudullah, 2 runs

another mis-field and that allows Mahmudullah to hare back for the second to keep strike. This is another good ball, yorker that is dug out to long-on. Holder charges in but can't collect cleanly.

Russell to Mahmudullah, 2 runs

dropped by Fletcher at deep square leg. Russell bowled it short, it sat up, Mahmudullah pulls but can't connect sweetly. Fletcher had to move to his right but got there, and then couldn't hold on. Sloppy.

Russell to Mahmudullah, 2 runs

superb yorker but they'll get two. He's dug it out to mid-on, where there is no fielder. Russell can't risk his hamstring sprinting I think so there's two there.

Russell to Afif, 1 bye

they get a bye so Mahmudullah is on strike. He was looking to swat across the line, missed it. Pooran has a shy but misses. Bravo animatedly telling Pooran to take his glove off, so he can throw better, which he does now.

Russell to Afif, 2 runs

cheeky shot, moved across and tried to scoop it fine. Didn't time it but got enough to clear short fine leg, so they get two

Batsmen crossed, so Afif on strike, Dre Russ to bowl the final over. 13 off 6 needed.

end of over 199 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 130/5CRR: 6.84 RRR: 13.00 • Need 13 from 6b
Mahmudullah25 (20b 2x4 1x6)
Dwayne Bravo 4-0-36-1
Ravi Rampaul 4-0-25-1
Dwayne Bravo to Litton Das, OUT

caught by Jason Holder at long-on. What an impact he's having on this game. It needed every bit of his considerably tall frame to pluck this. Liton went deep and slogged it hard, looked like it had enough height even though wasn't timed, but Holder with arms stretched over his head on the boundary is a considerable height to clear. He plucks it out, stays well balanced inside the boundary. Key moment.

Litton Das c Holder b Bravo 44 (43b 4x4 0x6 81m) SR: 102.32
Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, 1 run

full outside off, driven hard to point, and they sprint a single. Shy at the stumps is well wide, direct hit could have been trouble.

Dwayne Bravo to Litton Das, 1 run

goes well across again, looking to paddle, slower ball that is very full, gets an inside edge that runs to short fine leg

ghost ball. completed his action but didn't release it.

Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, 1 run

fuller on off, punched to cover crisply.

Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, no run

coming down the track, Bravo keeps it full, wide and out of his reach.

Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, SIX runs

magnificent shot. Bravo had been so good last over, Mahmudullah is ready for him this time, moves a mite across, ready for the slower ball and smashes it one one knee, straight over the bowler's head.

charan: "Finally a cliffhanger !!!"

end of over 188 runs
BAN: 121/4CRR: 6.72 RRR: 11.00 • Need 22 from 12b
Litton Das43 (41b 4x4)
Mahmudullah17 (16b 2x4)
Ravi Rampaul 4-0-25-1
Dwayne Bravo 3-0-27-0
Rampaul to Litton Das, no run

moving across to try and scoop it fine, that proved dangerous for Rahim but not so much this time, even though no connection between bat and ball. It goes over the stumps. Dot ball.

Rampaul to Mahmudullah, 1 bye

they steal a bye. He was looking to slog across the line, the ball moves in and defeats bat, goes between bat and body. Pooran fumbles the take a bit and they jog a bye

Rampaul to Litton Das, 1 run

dug into the pitch on off, pulled hard, but no timing, deep midwicket collects.

Rampaul to Mahmudullah, 1 run

a few steps forward while making room, thrashes it to long-off

Rampaul to Litton Das, 1 run

makes room again, full ball on the stumps this time, slashed hard but there's a man at deep point to field it

Rampaul to Litton Das, FOUR runs

super shot, he was moving to make room, Rampaul follows him, ends up as a half-volley on the pads and he just flicks it aerially to fine leg for a boundary

end of over 173 runs
BAN: 113/4CRR: 6.64 RRR: 10.00 • Need 30 from 18b
Mahmudullah16 (14b 2x4)
Litton Das37 (37b 3x4)
Dwayne Bravo 3-0-27-0
Jason Holder 4-0-22-1
Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, no run

Moved across to slog-sweep it but Bravo's slower ball dips under his bat and goes through to the keeper. Brilliant over.

Dwayne Bravo to Mahmudullah, 2 runs

Great effort by Walsh Jr at deep midwicket diving forward, but he was a bit late to react to that, and it ends up just short of his fingertips. Good length outside off, slogged across the line.

Match details
Sharjah Cricket Stadium
TossBangladesh, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Match numberT20I no. 1375
Match days29 October 2021 - day (20-over match)
T20I debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsWest Indies 2, Bangladesh 0
Win Probability
WI 100%
100%50%100%WI InningsBAN Innings

Over 20 • BAN 139/5

West Indies won by 3 runs
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