West Indies vs Uganda, 18th Match, Group C at Providence, T20 World Cup, Jun 08 2024 - Ball by Ball Commentary

18th Match, Group C (N), Providence, June 08, 2024, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(12/20 ov, T:174) 39

West Indies won by 134 runs

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end of over 125 runs • 1 wicket
UGA: 39/10CRR: 3.25 RRR: 16.87 • Need 135 runs from 48b
Juma Miyagi13 (20b)
Alzarri Joseph 3-0-6-2
Gudakesh Motie 2-0-6-1

11:40pm That's all we have for you from this game. The second-largest victory (in terms of runs) at the men's T20 World Cup and this has set West Indies up nicely for the matches ahead.

There is still plenty of cricket to be played before their next fixture, and there is the small matter of India clashing swords with Pakistan on Sunday, which happens to be the next game at this year's T20 World Cup. Do join us for that potentially riveting contest. Until next time, this is goodbye from me (Shashwat), Chandan and everyone else at ESPNcricinfo. Take care, folks!

Rovman Powell, West Indies captain: We talk about improving 10-15% every match. Last game, we were flat so we just wanted to improve as a team. When you are playing at home, the pressure can sometimes get to you. So, a little bit of rust (in the first match). We started off at 60%, now up to 70-80% and from here, it gets tougher. He (Akeal Hosein) has been fantastic, that is why he is the No.3 ranked bowler in the world. He has done it against Full-Member nations as well, and we expect him to do it against teams that are just coming into international cricket. (On the challenges ahead) It is just for us to continue to play good cricket. We have played good cricket for the last 12 months or so. It gets tougher from here but we understand conditions and cricket is not easy in the Caribbean. Since West Indies have come to Guyana, the support has been fantastic

Brian Masaba, Uganda captain: Tough day for us. It is a very steep learning curve. Just shows the difference in class. We were outplayed (in all departments) but we must take the learnings from it: as a batting unit, what we can do better to keep us in the game. There were some positives in that bowling performance. To keep them under 200 stood out. The way we bowled at the death, that was very impressive from the two young men (Kyewuta and Miyagi). Hopefully we can build on that. (Experience so far at the T20 WC) It is a huge challenge, but something we are enjoying. We understand that to get better, we need to play oppositions like these and over time, we can hopefully reduce the gap. Good lessons to carry back home. They (the fans) love this team, they have stuck with this team through thick and thin. They are a passionate bunch and we are very proud of them. We definitely enjoy having them around.

Akeal Hosein, Player of the Match: I think I needed this. In the nets and in the previous series, I felt the ball was coming out good but I was just not getting the rewards. (On which one was his favourite wicket) I think the regular off-spinner (to dismiss Nakrani), that was my favourite. (On his approach) I think it is a lot of hard work. When you get success, guys are going to study you and have a plan. You always have to stay a step ahead. For me, it is just about trying to react to what the surface is doing and planning it out. Even if the ball is going both ways, you cannot do much if you don't plan. So, it is about planning the over well. I am happy to bowl wherever the team needs me.

11:10pm A proper hammering. That is what it was. At the half-way stage, it seemed that WI had enough but the way they bowled and how Uganda responded with the bat, just illustrated the gulf in quality and experience.

Hosein was Uganda's tormentor and their batters just could not come to grips with his arm-ball throughout his four-over spell. Almost all of his wickets came off that particular delivery and that broke the back of the Ugandan innings. Joseph picked up two as well, with Motie, Russell and Shepherd also chipping in.

Coming back to Uganda, their lack of pedigree was shown up. Mukasa was dismissed for another duck and that set the tone for what was to follow. Only Miyagi managed to get into double digits as they crumbled under the pressure the West Indies applied.

That said, Uganda will want to use this as a learning curve, rather than getting too bogged down by it. The West Indies are two-time champions for a reason and even though this was another tough initiation into the highest T20I tier, it will certainly help Uganda in the longer run.

Alzarri Joseph to Nsubuga, OUT

there it is, a whopping 134-run victory for the West Indies! And this is also the joint-lowest team total in the men's T20 World Cup! Length ball in and around off stump. Nips back in a shade with the angle and beats Nsubuga for pace, who anyway had a half-hearted poke at it. Top of off stump is rattled, and that sums up what has been a terrific bowling performance!

Frank Nsubuga b Joseph 0 (3b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 0
Alzarri Joseph to Miyagi, 1 run

speared in full on middle and leg. Miyagi is squared up and the ball trickles off the leading edge towards deep cover point

Alzarri Joseph to Miyagi, 2 runs

shortish just outside off. Miyagi gets on top of the bounce and punches it towards deep point. Puts on his skates thereafter and picks up two

Alzarri Joseph to Nsubuga, 1 leg bye

hard length, angling into the batter outside leg. Nsubuga is late on his stroke and the ball rolls away off the thigh pad towards point

Alzarri Joseph to Nsubuga, no run

short outside off. Nsubuga watches it go through to the keeper

Nsubuga on strike

Alzarri Joseph to Miyagi, 1 run

angled in on a length on middle and leg. Miyagi pushes it past the bowler and is happy to run the single. Motie did hit the stumps from mid on but Miyagi had made his ground by then

Joseph returns for his third. Can he finish it off?

end of over 113 runs • 1 wicket
UGA: 34/9CRR: 3.09 RRR: 15.55 • Need 140 runs from 54b
Juma Miyagi9 (17b)
Gudakesh Motie 2-0-6-1
Romario Shepherd 2-0-9-1
Motie to Kyewuta, OUT

another big appeal, and another batter falls to the arm-ball! This has been WI's biggest bowling weapon tonight. The ball starts just outside off before coming in with the angle. Kyewuta does not get a big enough stride and does not pick the variation either. Plays all over it and the ball clips the flap of the back leg right in front of middle stump. Kumar Dharmasena raises his finger, and Kyewuta does not bother with the review!

Cosmas Kyewuta lbw b Motie 1 (6b 0x4 0x6 10m) SR: 16.66
Motie to Miyagi, 1 run

nearly! Tossed up on a length outside off. Miyagi reaches out for it and jabs it uppishly, just past the diving Powell at short extra cover

Motie to Miyagi, no run

full on middle and leg. Flicked straight to short mid wicket

Motie to Miyagi, no run

full on middle and leg. Miyagi has a slog at it and jams it off the inside edge into his pads

Motie to Miyagi, no run

floated up full on middle and leg. Miyagi presses forward and defends

Motie to Miyagi, 2 runs

slanted in full on the stumps. Miyagi stabs it past mid wicket and has enough time to get back for two

Motie to continue. WI just two wickets away from a big win

end of over 103 runs
UGA: 31/8CRR: 3.10 RRR: 14.30 • Need 143 runs from 60b
Juma Miyagi6 (12b)
Cosmas Kyewuta1 (5b)
Romario Shepherd 2-0-9-1
Gudakesh Motie 1-0-3-0
Shepherd to Miyagi, 1 run

length outside off. Miyagi gets forward and punches it to deep cover point

Shepherd to Miyagi, no run

shortish outside off. Miyagi wafts at it and only grabs a handful of fresh air

Shepherd to Kyewuta, 1 run

length on middle and off. Kyewuta comes half forward and pokes it past extra cover for a single

Shepherd to Kyewuta, no run

dug into the track just outside off. Kyewuta picks up the length early enough and sways out of the way

Shepherd to Miyagi, 1 run

back of a length outside off. Miyagi dabs it down to third man

Shepherd to Miyagi, no run

back of a length just outside off. Miyagi continues swinging like a rusty gate and is lucky his off stump is not pegged back

Shepherd is back

end of over 93 runs
UGA: 28/8CRR: 3.11 RRR: 13.27 • Need 146 runs from 66b
Cosmas Kyewuta0 (3b)
Juma Miyagi4 (8b)
Gudakesh Motie 1-0-3-0
Alzarri Joseph 2-0-2-1
Motie to Kyewuta, no run

fired in full on off. Kyewuta pokes at it and chunks it off the inside edge into his pads

Motie to Miyagi, 1 run

fuller on middle and leg. Miyagi clears his front leg and drags it towards deep square leg

Win Probability
WI 100%
100%50%100%WI InningsUGA Innings

Over 12 • UGA 39/10

Frank Nsubuga b Joseph 0 (3b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 0
West Indies won by 134 runs
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