Final, Dhaka, Feb 14 2016, ICC Under-19 World Cup
W Indies U19 won by 5 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
52* (125)
Player Of The Series
242 runs • 12 wkts
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• The Report by Mohammad Isam in Mirpur

Carty, Paul steer West Indies to Under-19 glory

West Indies' mix of high-speed hustle with the ball and patience with the bat help them beat pre-tournament favourites India by five wickets in a tense final in Mirpur

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Scorecard summary
India Under-19s145/10(45.1 overs)
Ryan John3/38(10)
West Indies Under-19s146/5(49.3 overs)
Keacy Carty*52 (125)
Keemo Paul*40 (68)
Mayank Dagar3/25(10)
Avesh Khan1/29(10)

Hetmyer collects the trophy from Zaheer Abbas. His team-mates join him and pose for the photographers, Pope doing some push ups. West Indies celebrate, and dance with the title on Valentine's day; pre-tournament favourites India left at the altar. Springer brings out the chest rolls again. The victorious West Indies players take a selfie.

Darren Sammy pulls off a springer dance of his own

We have seen the chainsaw, the Gangnam, the chicken dance, and the airplane among others. But is Shamar Springer's chest roll the best? Vote for your favourite.

Hetmyer, the winnings West Indies captain: I feel good, word can't explain me how good. The way the guys played showed. We weren't supposed to be champions but we came up to top. The pacers used the pitch to their advantage, they stood out for us. Carter and Paul are aggressive players, they made the adjustment. They kept a calm head. Probably (chest rolls later?).

Ishan Kishan: The bowlers bowled in the right areas. The fielding we were good in the beginning, but we dropped crucial catches. It was difficult to bat, but we were used to these conditions.

Carty, Man of the Match: It was very enjoyable. Having a 22-hour flight to Bangladesh. We performed very well. It is a very good feeling. I told myself that I can't leave the Under-19 World Cup without a landmark. We work together, we hope to take West Indies back on top where we were.

Mehedi Hasan Miraz, Man of the Tournament: I am really excited. My target was big. I wanted to be the best allrounder. Future goal is next World Cup. My future plan is national team, No.1 allrounder. Hopefully, I will try my best.

4:30pm: West Indies wobbled in their chase, but Carty and Paul showed great patience and composure to steer them home. Isam's report will tell you the full story

Chest-rolling Springer: That was my signature dance. He (Carty) showed a lot of character. It was a very patient knock and it was worth it. More chest rolling for sure.

West, West Indies coach: We gave a couple of easy wickets away. Credit to the Indian bowlers, they fought back brilliantly. The team sticks together and plays entertaining cricket. Paul was looking for a six to win. That is how we play.

Holder: That is lovely. I don't know what to say. We back each other and we knew we could pull it off. Growing up as a youngster, it was always a dream

Paul: It is special. Thanks to god. We are very happy. Obviously, great feeling, we are winning it for the first time. I cant explain it. I just wanted to control and find the gaps

Here's Tony Cozier on how West Indies' Under-19 success is heart-warming but wonders what's next for them in a dysfunctional cricket system

Mamun Ul Hoque : "Congratulations ! West Indies Champion U19 World Cup 2016. Both Carty and Paul leads to team carefully… "

Aamir: "WI has always been famous for winning Hearts along with the game"

Kutbuddin: "Seeing a drop in performance from WI cricket in last decade, this could be a boost for the cricketer as it did with them after T20 WC win in 2012."

It has been great fun bringing you this tournament. Watch out for post-match offerings from Vishal and Isam. Until next time, goodbye and cheerio ESPNcricinfo

Khaleel Ahmed to Paul, 1 run

WI secure their maiden U-19 World Cup title. Look at the celebrations. The players rush on to the field in utter delight. The #Springerdance is unleashed. Sharp lifting ball, Paul shapes to pull and sends a thickish top edge over the keeper...Glum faces in the Indian camp. Avesh breaks into tears

Khaleel Ahmed to Carty, 1 run

short on middle, jumps outside leg and dabs a cut to gully. The scores are level. Hetmyer flashes a big smile, gangnam dance in the background as well

George: "Always nice to see WI winning, any format of the game..."

Khaleel Ahmed to Paul, 1 run

short ball on middle, guided to backward point

Sarfaraz, Kishan, Khaleel in the middle of a conference. WI players are lining up near the boundary, and are ready to celebrate

end of over 496 runs
WI19: 143/5CRR: 2.91 RRR: 3.00
Keemo Paul38 (66)
Keacy Carty51 (124)
Mahipal Lomror 8-0-29-0
Khaleel Ahmed 9-2-29-1
Lomror to Paul, 1 run

Paul steps out and turns a single to midwicket

Lomror to Carty, 1 run

fired in at 99ks, drilled to deep cover

Lomror to Carty, no run

103ks dart outside off, tapped to cover

Lomror to Paul, 1 run

skids in, pushed down to long-on

Lomror to Carty, 1 run

flat dart on off, driven to long-on. Carty brings up a key fifty, in the title bout

Lomror to Carty, 1 wide

yorker outside off, too wide

Lomror to Paul, 1 run

tossed up full and wide outside off, Paul goes low and drills it to deep cover. Avesh Khan moves in, plunges forward, and drops it, India's fielding has let them down today

WI need 9 off 12 balls

end of over 485 runs
WI19: 137/5CRR: 2.85 RRR: 4.50
Keemo Paul35 (63)
Keacy Carty49 (121)
Khaleel Ahmed 9-2-29-1
Mahipal Lomror 7-0-23-0
Khaleel Ahmed to Paul, 1 run

length ball on off, stops on the batsman, nearly pops a catch to Kishan at short cover

Khaleel Ahmed to Paul, 1 wide

too full and sprayed wide outside off, wide

Khaleel Ahmed to Carty, 1 run

short and angled away outside off, glides it past backward point

Khaleel Ahmed to Carty, no run

short ball on middle, jabbed to cover

Sherdil Ijaz: "Brilliant batting by Carty! The way he has handeled the pressure,ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!"

Khaleel Ahmed to Paul, 1 run

back of a length and extra bounce outside off, deflected past the keeper to third man

Khaleel Ahmed to Carty, 1 run

full and angled wide outside off, slashes a thick edge to third man

Khaleel Ahmed to Carty, no run

back of a length and leaves Carty outside off, beaten past the outside edge

shafi: "46.1 is this only ugly on WI..if they win this U19 world cup how it look like?" --- Pretty ofcourse

end of over 474 runs
WI19: 132/5CRR: 2.80 RRR: 4.66
Keemo Paul33 (61)
Keacy Carty47 (117)
Mahipal Lomror 7-0-23-0
Avesh Khan 10-1-29-1
Lomror to Paul, no run

fired outside off, just inside the tramline

Lomror to Paul, no run

slides on at 91ks, takes the pad, not given. Hit outside the line of off?

Lomror to Carty, 1 run

pretty full and outside off, laced to deep cover

Match details
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
TossWest Indies Under-19s, elected to field first
SeriesICC Under-19 World CupWest Indies Under-19s tour of Bangladesh
Player Of The Match
Keacy Carty
Keacy Carty
Player Of The Series
Mehidy Hasan Miraz
Mehidy Hasan Miraz
Series resultWest Indies Under-19s (Young Cricketers) won the 2015/16 ICC Under-19 World Cup
Match numberODI no. 1093
Hours of play (local time)09.00 start, First Session 09.00-12.30 Interval 12.30-13.00, Second Session 13.00-16.30
Match days14 February 2016 - day (50-over match)
England Image
Rob Bailey
Sri Lanka Image
Ruchira Palliyaguruge
TV Umpire
Australia Image
Mick Martell
Reserve Umpire
South Africa Image
Adrian Holdstock
Match Referee
Zimbabwe Image
Andy Pycroft
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