13th Match, Super Six, Mumbai (BS), Feb 8 2013, ICC Women's World Cup
(47.3/50 ov, target 148)145
AUS Women won by 2 runs
Player Of The Match
41 (59) & 1/19


Edwards: "We've got to come back strongly. It was an important toss and we exploited the conditions well and the reasons we lost this game was poor shot selection and a couple of decisions went against us. We have depth in our order. Holly played really well. Hopefully we can win the last two."

Fields: "We hung in there and never gave up. Little Holly (Ferling) is not that little, great to see her bowling well. We really enjoyed playing in Cuttack. Just goes to show you can win if you bowl the ball in the right areas."

Sthalekar is the Player of the Match: "I am glad my experience comes handy. I was fortunate to have a good partnership with Sarah. I thought it was a decent batting wicket. I found the pitch quite nice."

So Australia play Sri Lanka next. Thanks for your company today. We'll see you again soon. Cheers!

End of match: Phew what a thriller! After being reduced to 39 for 6, the target of 147 looked distant. Marsh and Greenway believed that England could still get through. Australia were starting to get a bit worried and it looked all but over at 114 for 9. England pushed and prodded and nearly got there but luck was with Australia.

England will feel aggrieved by a couple of lbw decisions that looked dodgy. In both, Hawkeye showed the ball missing leg. It hurt that one of those victims was the captain Charlotte Edwards. Nevertheless, the other batsmen paid the price by playing loose shots. That's something England will need to address.

Stay with us for the presentation. Sthalekar should be the favourite for the Player of the Match.

Osborne to Colvin, OUT

she has edged it would you believe this! Erin Osborne gets the final wicket! Tossed up outside the off stump, Colvin was back and across to cut, it was too tempting to let go, managed a thick edge, Fields knew it, Australia have won by 2 runs

Holly Colvin c †Fields b Osborne 16 (26m 17b 3x4 0x6) SR: 94.11
Osborne to Colvin, no run

Direct hit and appeal for a run out! She pulls to Sthaleka at short midwicket, Anya heads back and looks like she is safe, and she is

Osborne to Colvin, no run

Colvin chips down the the track and firmly punches it to the on side

end of over 477 runs
ENG-W: 145/9CRR: 3.08 RRR: 1.00
Holly Colvin16 (14)
Anya Shrubsole13 (20)
Holly Ferling 10-0-35-3
Erin Osborne 5-0-15-0
Ferling to Colvin, 1 run

yet another single! Punched wide of the bowler and mid-on, they scamper through quickly

Ferling to Colvin, no run

keeps it straight this time and she calmly defends this

Ferling to Colvin, 1 wide

and a wide down the leg side! Oh dear. Ferling struggling with her line here

Ferling to Shrubsole, 1 run

the runs are coming alright! She steers it to the off side

Ferling to Shrubsole, 2 runs

a low full toss! Ferling was trying for the yorker, clipped away just wide of short midwicket and they will take a couple

Ferling to Colvin, 1 run

another run siphoned off, she opens the face of the bat and places it down to third man, they think of second

Ferling to Shrubsole, 1 run

9 needed now! She calmly places this with soft hands to the off side and sets off quickly, fielders under pressure here