15th Match, Group A (D/N), Gros Islet, Nov 16 2018, ICC Women's World T20
(14.1/20 ov, target 86)87/3
ENG Women won by 7 wickets (with 35 balls remaining)
player of the match
Natalie Sciver
England Women

"So pleased with the performance, knew this was a must-win," says Heather Knight. "We considered playing the extra seamer, but stuck to our spinners because the pitch was slightly dry."

Nat Sciver is the Player of the Match for her figures of 3 for 4 off 4 overs.

Another crunch game, another heartburn for South Africa.

Two nights after sensationally losing 9 for 28 against West Indies, South Africa collapsed from 55 for 4 to 85 all out, with Anya Shrubsole, Player of the Final at last year's World Cup, taking a hat-trick to hasten the end. In the absence of Katherine Brunt, Nat Sciver, who took the new ball, bowled an incredible 20 dot balls and finished with 3 for 4.

The pair had a combined contribution of 6 for 14 on the face of South Africa's block-block-slog approach handed the advantage on a platter to England. The target hardly caused a flutter, England blasting the runs in just 14.1 overs to put themselves in an excellent position to make the semi-finals. The only blot: losing more wickets than they would've liked.

D van Niekerk to Jones, FOUR runs

steps out and wallops this over the top, clears mid-on and those are the winning runs.

end of over 1411 runs
ENG-W: 83/3CRR: 5.92 RRR: 0.50 • Need 3 runs from 36b
Heather Knight14 (17)
Amy Jones10 (10)
Shabnim Ismail3-0-32-0
Dane van Niekerk3-0-9-2
Ismail to Knight, FOUR runs

too full and she plays a gorgeous drive straight back past the bowler, mid-on had no chance, so good was the timing.

Ismail to Jones, 1 run

too full on the pads, flicked to deep midwicket for an easy single

Ismail to Knight, 1 run

walks across and whips this incoming length ball to deep midwicket

Ismail to Knight, no run

driven through the line to cover point.

Ismail to Jones, 1 run

works this down to mid-on for a quick single

Ismail to Jones, FOUR runs

too much width and Jones slaps this disdainfully to the cover boundary

end of over 133 runs
ENG-W: 72/3CRR: 5.53 RRR: 2.00 • Need 14 runs from 42b
Heather Knight9 (14)
Amy Jones4 (7)
Dane van Niekerk3-0-9-2
Moseline Daniels4-0-13-1
D van Niekerk to Knight, no run

rocks back and slaps this shortish delivery to cover.

D van Niekerk to Jones, 1 run

chipped over the infield to long-off.

D van Niekerk to Jones, no run

tossed up over the batsman's eyeline, stepped out to drive inside out but got a thick inside edge onto the pad in trying to play the stroke

D van Niekerk to Knight, 1 run

swept from outside off towards deep square

D van Niekerk to Jones, 1 run

slaps this to wide long-off

D van Niekerk to Jones, no run

steps out to drive inside-out, but gets a thickish inside edge to midwicket