21st Match, Group 1 (D/N), Pallekele, Oct 1 2012, ICC World Twenty20
(19.3/20 ov)139
(20 ov, target 140)139/7
Match tied (West Indies won the one-over eliminator)
Player Of The Match
end of over 2013 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 139/7CRR: 6.95 
Ross Taylor62 (40)
Marlon Samuels 1-0-13-0
Sunil Narine 4-0-20-3

Dwayne Smith was the man, the substitute fielder in for Rampaul. We have a Super Over now, a tie is what we have for now. It had to come down to this. Otis Gibson's having a talk with Pollard and Gayle. New Zealand to bat now.

Samuels to Bracewell, 1 run, OUT

full toss and it's flicked towards deep square leg, it's Super Over folks, they pick a single and Bracewell is run out on the second run, a direct hit from the deep

Doug Bracewell run out (sub [DR Smith]) 1 (13m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

Super Over? We need to see. 2 in 1, and it's Bracewell on strike. The fielders have moved in a little to prevent the two.

Samuels to Taylor, 1 run

ooh fired it quick on middle, got an inside edge onto the pads, just the single, 2 in 1 now

Marlon pulls out of his run-up, saw Taylor make an initial movement

Taylor's brought it down to 3 off 2. Gayle, Sammy and Marlon have a discussion again. Third man is now inside the circle

Samuels to Taylor, SIX runs

plays the scoop and it goes all the way, it's not his favourite shot but he pulls it off superbly, full toss on the pads, bowled at 127kmph and he used the pace to scoop it over the fine-leg boundary for six, what a shot

9 off 3 needed

Samuels to Taylor, 2 runs

low full toss and it's chipped towards Pollard at long-on for two more, Taylor makes it back in time

Samuels to Taylor, 2 runs

misfield by Narine, he's been sloppy in the field today though very good with the ball, clips it towards short fine, he concedes an extra run, two in all

Samuels to Taylor, no run

yorker length and superbly done by Marlon., Taylor can only push it back to the bowler, applause from Gayle

Samuels to Taylor, 1 wide

fires it quick but it's down the leg side, Ramdin keeps well and takes off the bails but Taylor's in, a wide

14 off the final over, is it too much? Are we going to have another Super Over? The loser of this match goes out of the competition. A conference of sorts out in the middle. Sammy, Samuels, Russell, Gayle are having a talk. Sammy has to decide between Samuels and Russell. He have the ball to Russell initially, but then decided it was Marlon who was going to bowl it. That quicker ball is something New Zealand will have to watch out for. Short fine in place

end of over 193 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 126/6CRR: 6.63 RRR: 14.00
Ross Taylor51 (35)
Doug Bracewell0 (0)
Sunil Narine 4-0-20-3
Ravi Rampaul 4-0-23-1
Narine to Taylor, 1 run

Taylor opts to take the single, drops it towards point to keep strike, Narine ends a potentially match-winning spell

Narine to Taylor, no run

the carrom ball again, turned away, short outside off, Taylor moved away to cut and missed, another dot, what a superb over this

Narine to Taylor, no run

ooh, a dot ball, the carrom ball, got across and dropped it into the leg side, thought of the single but it just wasn't there

Bracewell is the new man but it's Taylor who will face.

Narine to McCullum, OUT

Nathan holes out, Narine picks up his third, the pressure grows on New Zealand, he had to go for it and found deep midwicket, couldn't connect as well and got more height than distance

Nathan McCullum c Charles b Narine 5 (12m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 71.42
Narine to Taylor, 1 run

shortish on the off, goes on straight, Taylor reaches his half-century with a whip to square leg for a single

Narine to McCullum, 1 run

Nathan plays the reverse-sweep and plays it straight to Gayle at point, just the single

Narine to bowl the penultimate over. 17 needed off two. New Zealand can't leave it till the last over, they'll need to attack