2nd Test, Harare, Jun 15 - 18 2001, India tour of Zimbabwe
237 & 234
(54 ov, target 157)315 & 157/6
Zimbabwe won by 4 wickets
player of the match
end of over 549 runs
ZIM: 157/6CRR: 2.90 
Andy Flower8 (9)
Stuart Carlisle62 (137)
Ajit Agarkar 8-3-22-1

Zimbabwe win this Test match by 4 wickets and level the series 1-1

Stuart Carlisle unbeaten on 62 was the back bone of the Zimbabwean innings

Sensational stuff from the hosts, all speculation of an Indian series win outside the subcontinent have evaporated

It has been well fought but truth be told Zimbabwe have done very well. Despite being plagued by injury problems the Zimbabweans have come out on top

The presentation ceremony should follow soon

Andy Blignaut has been named the man of the match for his brisk knock in the first innings and his five wicket haul in the second innings. Well done Andy Blignaut!

With that our coverage of this Test series comes to an end. We hope you enjoyed being here with us

We certainly enjoyed bringing you all the action

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Agarkar to Flower, FOUR runs

full and outside the off, that is an easy ball for a man of Andy Flower's class, cracked away hrough the covers, the ball crashes into the advertising hoardings

Agarkar to Flower, no run

short of a length and on middle and leg, played down with soft hands

Just one shot could take Zimbabwe to victoiry

Agarkar to Carlisle, 1 run

short of a length and outside the off, punched off the back foot past covers

Agarkar to Carlisle, no run

full toss outside the off, driven hard but straight to covers

Agarkar to Carlisle, no run

just back of a length and on middle and leg, played back down the track to the bowler

Agarkar to Carlisle, FOUR runs

just short of a length and outside the off, steered way to the thirdman fence

end of over 534 runs
ZIM: 148/6CRR: 2.79 
Andy Flower4 (7)
Stuart Carlisle57 (133)
Ashish Nehra 13-0-45-2
Nehra to Flower, no run

fullish and wide of the crease, left alone

Nehra to Flower, no run

full and on the off, shaping away from the left hander a shade, left alone

Nehra to Flower, no run

full, fast and on the off, dug out well by Andy Flower

Nehra to Flower, no run

fuller and on the off, tapped down to the on side

Nehra to Flower, FOUR runs

short and wide, very loose ball, Andy Flower goes under the ball and sends it sailing over short third man, forget about running for that one

Nehra to Flower, no run

just short of a length and outside the off, chopped down to the off side