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23rd match (D/N), DY Patil, May 04, 2008, Indian Premier League
(18.5/20 ov, T:163) 133

Mumbai won by 29 runs

Full commentary

7.25 pm local time: The Mumbai Indians' theme song is blaring around the ground and why not. They batted first and posted a medium-sized total of 162 and then bowled and fielded outstandingly to dismiss a powerful Delhi batting line up for 133. What a game Pollock has had, he scored 33 vital runs at the end of Mumbai's innings an then took 2 for 16 off four overs to lead Mumbai to their second consecutive victory.

Mumbai have jumped two places in the points table, they are now sixth, above the Bangalore Royal Challengers and the Deccan Chargers. Delhi are still first but they won't be first for too long because the second and third placed teams - Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings - take on each other in 30 minutes and they too have four wins each out of five games.

Shaun Pollock is the Man of the Match for his excellent allround performance. That's it from me, George Binoy, for today but do join Jamie Alter, who will be commentating on the Rajasthan-Chennai match. That game begins at 8.00 pm local time and you can follow it here. Cheers.

Kulkarni to McGrath, OUT

and he lasts just two balls! McGrath tries to loft the ball over the infield on the off side, he slices the ball high in the air, Thornely runs backwards from cover and takes the catch, the DY Patil stadium erupts and the players are thrilled, what a match they have had toppling the table-leaders Delhi

Glenn McGrath c Thornely b Kulkarni 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

This is the first time McGrath is batting in the tournament.

Kulkarni to McGrath, no run

short of a length outside off stump, McGrath tries to cut but gets beaten

Kulkarni to Mahesh, 1 run

Yo Mahesh hits a full toss towards long on for a single, he'll need to do better than that

Kulkarni to Mahesh, no run

Yo Mahesh backs away to make room but Kulkarni follows him with a full ball, the batsman gets beaten

McGrath is the last man for Delhi.

Kulkarni to Mohammad Asif, OUT

caught! good length ball angles across the left-hander, Asif tries to pull towards the leg side but the outside edge flies straight to Nehra who holds the catch at third man

Mohammad Asif c Nehra b Kulkarni 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Delhi need 31 off the last two overs. Only McGrath to come for Delhi.

end of over 183 runs • 2 wickets
DC: 132/8CRR: 7.33 RRR: 15.50
Yo Mahesh2 (3)
Mohammad Asif0 (0)
Ashish Nehra 4-0-25-3
Dwayne Bravo 3-0-27-1
Nehra to Mahesh, 2 runs

the batsman tries to drive down the ground but gets an outside edge towards third man, three runs and two wickets off the over from Nehra, priceless bowling at the death

Nehra to Mahesh, no run

good length delivery angles across the right-hander, Yo Mahesh tries to hit the ball through cover but gets beaten

Nehra to Mahesh, no run

good length delivery pitches around off stump and seams across the right-hander, the batsman tries to drive and gets beaten

Nehra to Bhatia, OUT

Bhatia's holed out! That has to be it for Delhi, Bhatia gets a full toss and tries to smash it out of the ground, he mis-times the shot straight to Uthappa at long on who takes an easy catch an then doffs his cap to the appreciative Mumbai crowd in celebration

Rajat Bhatia c Uthappa b Nehra 9 (8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 112.5

Mumbai are sensing a valuable victory here. Yo Mahesh is the new batsman.

Nehra to Sangwan, OUT

caught! Sangwan tries to clear the long off boundary but doesn't time it well, he hits it in the air towards Tiwary who runs in from the boundary and holds on to the catch, that was dipping on Tiwary and he timed his run and slide extremely well

Pradeep Sangwan c Tiwary b Nehra 2 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Nehra to Bhatia, 1 run

a high full toss outside off stump, pulled towards long on for a single

Delhi need 34 off the last three overs. Nehra is back for his final over.

end of over 1710 runs • 1 wicket
DC: 129/6CRR: 7.58 RRR: 11.33
Rajat Bhatia8 (6)
Pradeep Sangwan2 (3)
Dwayne Bravo 3-0-27-1
Rohan Raje 2-0-13-0
Bravo to Bhatia, 1 leg bye

Bhatia tries to work a full ball off his pads but doesn't make contact, they run leg byes towards short fine leg

Bravo to Bhatia, SIX runs

Bhatia gets under a length ball and swings powerfully, he's connected well and lofts it cleanly over long on, crucial six for Delhi

Bravo to Sangwan, 1 leg bye

the slower ball angles into the right-hander, Sangwan tried to defend and was hit on the back pad, Bravo appeals confidently but Koertzen says not out this time, they run a leg bye

Bravo to Sangwan, 2 runs

bowled full on middle and leg stump, flicked off the pads behind square for two more

Bravo to Sangwan, no run

he chips a slower ball in the air towards short extra cover, Bravo is fast but not that fast!

The under-19 bowler Pradeep Sangwan is the new batsman.

Bravo to Karthik, OUT

a full ball slants into middle stump, Karthik moves across his stumps and tries to flick, he misses and gets hit on the pad plumb in front of middle stump, he was a long way across his stumps and Koertzen raises the finger, the Mumbai Indians mob Bravo in celebration, the DY Patil explodes in sound, fantastic scenes

Dinesh Karthik lbw b Bravo 28 (23b 3x4 0x6) SR: 121.73

Pollock tosses the ball to Bravo, Delhi need 44 off 24 with five wickets in hand. The momentum is with Mumbai, who are at the bottom of the points table.

end of over 165 runs
DC: 119/5CRR: 7.43 RRR: 11.00
Rajat Bhatia2 (4)
Dinesh Karthik28 (22)
Rohan Raje 2-0-13-0
Shaun Pollock 4-0-16-2
Raje to Bhatia, no run

excellent ball in the block hole on middle stump, Bhatia digs it out on the off side, Karthik sets off for the single and stops, Bhatia too sets off and then stops, five runs off the over, fabulous effort from Raje

Raje to Karthik, 1 run

pulled towards deep backward square for one

Raje to Bhatia, 1 run

a slow and full ball on off stump, Bhatia lofts the ball straight over the bowler's head and the ball is headed for a certain boundary until Nehra puts in a full length dive and saves it, terrific effort

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