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Appealing off a free hit

Plays of the Day from the match between the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils at the DY Patil Stadium on May 4, 2008

Cricinfo staff

Pradeep Sangwan began to appeal for an lbw against Dominic Thornely before realising that it was a free hit (file photo) © Getty Images
Seven-ball over, almost
Umpire Ian Howell had a slow start to his Sunday and miscounted the number of balls in Mohammad Asif's first over. As Asif was getting ready to deliver what would've been his seventh ball, Rudi Koertzen corrected his partner's mistake in the nick of time. Meanwhile the ad-break was already on television.
Hard lesson
A simple rule about the free hit is that the batsman can be dismissed only if he is run out. Pradeep Sangwan, the Delhi under-19 bowler, had overstepped and then bowled a swinging yorker on the free hit that struck Dominic Thorley on the pad. Visibly excited, Sangwan began to appeal for lbw before he realization dawned and he cut it short mid-way.
Off with you
Rajat Bhatia was annoyed after being hit for a straight six by Dominic Thornely off the first ball of his third over. He responded by bowling a slower one the very next ball. The subtle change of pace beat Thornely, who tried to hit it down the ground, and knocked over off and middle stump. Bhatia sent the batsman on his way with a dismissive wave of his hand.
Gasping Mr Nehra
Ashish Nehra is an awkward prospect. If it is surprising how he generates sharp pace with his wiry frame then perhaps even more surprising is the way he fields. Shoaib Malik drove one ball firmly straight past Rohan Raje. Nehra, at mid on, rushed to collect the ball but fumbled in his stride. He then slipped and tried to hold on to the ball like a kid gasping for breath while learning to swim. In the end, he let out a nervous smile. Later on Nehra did himself proud by sliding at long on at the very last minute to stop a powerful drive for Karthik that seemed destined for four.