PBKS vs RR, 66th Match at Dharamsala, IPL, May 19 2023 - Ball by Ball Commentary

66th Match (N), Dharamsala, May 19, 2023, Indian Premier League
(19.4/20 ov, T:188) 189/6

RR won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

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It all leaves us nicely placed heading into the final double-header weekend of IPL 2023. Only one playoff spot seasled - Gujarat Titans - three up for grabs. We'll have it all covered for you as it all unfolds. Hope you have your company throughout the final stages of the season! Till the next time, take care and ciao!

11:41pm Time for the presentation.

Sanju Samson, Royals captain: "[On the NRR] At the end of the game Hettie was going well and we felt 18.5 was when we wanted to get it. With the team which we have, it's a bit shocking to see where we stand on the table. If we look back, we have a lot of things to discuss and look at it. [Jaiswal] He bats at this young age as if he has played a 100 T20s. [Expect Boult to pick first-over wicket?] Yes, every match!"

Devdutt Padikkal, player of the match: "Apart from the net sessions [it is the best I have hit the ball]. Was hitting well coming into the season, but it didn't come off well. Every game you come into the side and you want to win the game. Finally I could make an impact. [No. 3] It has been that kind of a season where I have been all over the place with the order. Doesn't matter which position I bat, I have to learn. At the start of the season not sure if i could make it. I was in a very bad shape. Thankful to everyone who supported me."

11:32pm Chasing 188, Royals were kept in pursuit by fifties from Jaiswal and Padikkal. Then Hetmyer gave them the final impetus when it seemed they had left it a tad too late, with Samson falling cheaply and Parag being sent ahead of Jurel. But Parag also managed to deposit a couple into the stands before Hetmyer came into his own. This was after Kings' innings themselves was stuttering before JItesh, Curran and Shahrukh injected some life into it towards the latter half. In the end, their tall end wasn't tall enough.

Shravan: "Everyone talking about RCB lose then RR can go ahead but don't forget even a win for MI will knock off RR." Of course. The scenarios for Royals are favourable ONLY IF both RCB and MI lose.

Deva: "The way last few games were lost by hosts, seems that CSK, LSG will win with RCB, MI might lose and RR might get a jackpot..fingers crossed!!"

11:23pm Royals get to 14 points and will now endure a nervous wait for the next couple of days! Rajesh pings that if RCB lose by six runs or more, that will leave Royals ahead on NRR! Royals had a tall ask at hand, after they gave away 46 off their last two overs. Despite that, Kings are out and here's what Shikhar Dhawan has to say: "Jitesh, Shahrukh and Sam Curran brought us back after we lost wickets. We didn't bowl well. I feel that 200 should have been a good total. I feel that all the areas were not clicking together. It is a young side so it goes up and down. As a leader I learnt a lot of things. We make mistakes and from those we learn a lot. [Spinners at the death] Today I ended up in that position because we had to take the game deep and wanted my best bowlers to bowl earlier. Last game I gave Brar that over, and learnt a lesson."

Shimron Hetmyer: "Trying to see how fast we can get the game to finish. I was trying to finish it in 18 overs. [Exchange of words with Sam Curran] It's good to have someone say something to me. Doesn't really happen that often when I bat. Gives me some confidence to execute."

Chahar to Jurel, SIX runs

Charges down and seals the win for Royals, does Jurel! Sees the tossed up ball and doesn't miss out on the chance. Goes straight back over the bowler's head to end the game.

Jurel is back on strike.

Chahar to Boult, 1 run

Fuller on the pads, whipped away through midwicket.

Chahar to Jurel, 1 run

Fuller on the stumps, he smacks it on the bounce to long-off.

Chahar to Jurel, 2 runs

Quicker and on a length on middle and leg, worked away through square leg for a couple. The throw is flat and on the stumps, but Jurel is in with a dive.

Chahar has the ball in hand for the last over. Is there any more twist in the tale?

end of over 1910 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 179/6CRR: 9.42 RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Trent Boult0 (1b)
Dhruv Jurel1 (1b)
Sam Curran 4-0-46-1
Kagiso Rabada 4-0-40-2
Sam Curran to Boult, no run

Length ball around leg, heaved to deep midwicket. They don't take the run.

Trent Boult in the middle at No. 8 and will be on strike.

Sam Curran to Hetmyer, OUT

Shikhar Dhawan has pulled off a stunner, or has he? He dives forward to catch that and then slaps his thigh in celebration. The umpires would want to have another look. Curran bowls it outside off, Hetmyer slaps it aerially towards cover, where Dhawan has his fingers under the ball.

Shimron Hetmyer c Dhawan b Curran 46 (28b 4x4 3x6 50m) SR: 164.28
Sam Curran to Hetmyer, FOUR runs

Length ball outside off, Hetmyer stands tall and punches it well over covers for a one-bounce four. It was at 112.1 kph. Middling it all.

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Sam Curran to Jurel, 1 run

Slower one on a length, angling away, he punches it to cover.

Sam Curran to Hetmyer, 1 run

Another slower one outside off, this time he finds sweeper cover with the hack.

Sam Curran to Hetmyer, FOUR runs

Clubbed through covers! Back of the hand slower one at 111.6 kph, full outside off. Hetmyer gives it his all to smack it through the off side.

Dhruv Jurel is in but will be at the non-striker's end. He is the Impact Player for Yuzvendra Chahal. Curran to bowl the penultimate.

end of over 1814 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 169/5CRR: 9.38 RRR: 9.50 • Need 19 runs from 12b
Shimron Hetmyer37 (24b 2x4 3x6)
Kagiso Rabada 4-0-40-2
Sam Curran 3-0-36-0
Rabada to Parag, OUT

Rabada has the last laugh. Nails the yorker on middle and leg, he looks to whip it away but gets a leading edge to backward point. Taide makes no mistake and Parag walks back dejected.

Riyan Parag c Taide b Rabada 20 (12b 1x4 2x6 21m) SR: 166.66
Rabada to Parag, no run

Slower one full and outside off, Parag doesn't pick it and gets it off the toe end back towards the bowler.

DC Jurel
YS Chahal
Rabada to Parag, no run

Bowls it into the surface on a length outside off, another swing and a miss.

Rabada to Parag, 1 wide

Banged short and wide, he thinks of pulling that before letting it pass over his head.

Rabada to Parag, no run

Back of a length outside off, he looks to heave it across again but misses.

Rabada to Parag, SIX runs

Back-to-back sixes for Parag and Royals come alive! Fullish on off and middle, he whips it over deep midwicket for another biggie.

Rabada to Parag, SIX runs

Parag deposits it high and long over deep midwicket. Rabada bowls it on a length outside off, he fetches it from outside off an crossbats it over the on side.

Rabada to Parag, (no ball)

Full and angled down leg, he misses the flick. What's more, the hooter goes off! He has overstepped.

Rabada to bowl out.

end of over 176 runs
RR: 155/4CRR: 9.11 RRR: 11.00 • Need 33 runs from 18b
Shimron Hetmyer37 (24b 2x4 3x6)
Riyan Parag8 (5b 1x4)
Sam Curran 3-0-36-0
Arshdeep Singh 4-0-40-1
Sam Curran to Hetmyer, no run

Fuller outside off, it is the slower one. Hettie only mistimes it back to the bowler. Hetmyer lauds the bowler but Curran has something to say back.

Sam Curran to Hetmyer, no run

Curran bounces Hetmyer out! But Hetmyer reviews immediately. He digs it in and asks the batter to pull again. He goes for it but it gets big on him. There was a definite sound as the ball passed bat in real time. The ump raises his finger immediately as a result. But there is a flat line on Snicko and Hettie stays!

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Over 20 • RR 189/6

RR won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
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