24th match (N), Mumbai, Apr 28 2016, Indian Premier League
(18/20 ov, target 175)178/4
Mumbai won by 6 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
68* (49)
end of over 1822 runs
MI: 178/4CRR: 9.88 
Kieron Pollard51 (17)
Rohit Sharma68 (49)
Jaydev Unadkat 3-0-49-0
Sunil Narine 4-0-22-2

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11.20pm: Pollard hugs Rohit. The captain raises his bat and acknowledges the cheers. Phew, what an innings from Pollard. Mumbai jump to third with this victory. Rohit steered the chase with his fourth fifty-plus score in four chases. Pollard then applied the finishing touches. And KKR weren't helped by a dew-slicked ball.

Gambhir, KKR captain: We are not going to give excuses. We did bowl well. We are also 15 runs short. I thought we needed an innings like Pollard did. At one stage, I thought we would get 190. They deserved to win. I am not going to take about the dew. The dew, toss is not in my hand.

Rohit Sharma, Mumbai captain and Man of the Match: It was a good game and we wanted this win badly We stuck to our plans though we dropped a lot of catches. We batted brilliantly. Pollard's form was crucial and he is peaking at the right time. This is going to be our last game here. The support has been superb here. I want to thank the crowd. Mumbai always enjoy perfect cricket. They have been wanting to see Pollard fire. I don't know what's our home venue. We will have to understand the conditions and adapt as soon as possible.

Pollard says it was just about picking the bowlers. He says he would have played out Narine had the spinner bowled the 16th over. Sathish was taken for three sixes in that over.

Vikas Goyal: "Pollard came in when MI needed 69 to win from 42 balls. He has made 51 of those in just 17 balls. What-a-playa!!"

Mominul: "This game has been almost a carbon-copy of the first leg of this fixture. KKR batting first, have a great start but are unable to capitalise and thus post an average score. MI comfortably chase the score thanks to a not out innings from Sharma and cameos from other batsmen."

Dilip Sah: ""Pollard has blasted the fastest fifty this season alongside Morris last night, off just 17 balls...& both with a six""

Mayank Aggarwal: "Pollard has also completed 6000 T20 runs with this innings"

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Unadkat to Pollard, SIX runs

Unadkat goes for the yorker again, it ends up as a full toss, lofted powerfully over long-off for a six. Pollard raises his fifty off 17 balls, the joint fastest this season. Pollard finishes it with three sixes. Mumbai win on Wankhede farewell

Unadkat to Pollard, no run

wide yorker outside off, beaten. Can't be angled down to third man

Unadkat to Pollard, SIX runs

off-stump full toss, delicious, Pollard tucks into it and marmalises it over long-on

Unadkat to Pollard, SIX runs

back of a length and outside off, 115ks slower ball. Pollard spots it and swats it over midwicket. Dismissive!

Unadkat to Pollard, 1 wide

off-side wide

Unadkat to Pollard, 2 runs

low full toss on off, drilled fiercely straight down the ground. Russell dives to his right from long-off and flicks the ball to long-on with one hand. Russell is a phenomenal athlete

Unadkat to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

yorker outside off, carved to sweeper cover


end of over 177 runs
MI: 156/4CRR: 9.17 RRR: 6.33
Rohit Sharma67 (48)
Kieron Pollard31 (12)
Sunil Narine 4-0-22-2
Rajagopal Sathish 2-0-30-0
Narine to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

loopier and outside off, caresses it down to long-off

Narine to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs

low full toss on middle, Rohit goes low and sweeps it away through square leg. Nice roll of the wrists

Narine to Rohit Sharma, no run

dabbed to short third man

Narine to Rohit Sharma, no run

short and outside off, reaches out and chops to point

Narine to Pollard, 1 run

swatted from outside off to long-on

Narine to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

offbreak, whipped to deep midwicket


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