51st Match, Dubai, Oct 31 2020, Indian Premier League
(14.2/20 ov)111/1
Mum Indians won by 9 wickets (with 34 balls remaining)
player of the match
Ishan Kishan
Mumbai Indians

5:18pm And that is all from the first of today's two games. Head over to the other match, RCB v SRH, where Sidharth Monga has the reins. A win for SRH could take qualification prospects to the last day of the league stage. See you tomorrow!

Ishan Kishan: It wasn't as easy as it looked. In the first few overs it wasn't coming on. I was just playing according to the ball and waiting for the loose balls. [The strength] credit goes to my mom for the food. I was just working on keeping my shape when I tried to slog, and I think helped. I worked really hard on these shots. My coach said teams will come up with plans against you, because you don't hit that much through the off side. This time I've been playing more, as you know my strength is on the leg side. There's always banter when Pant is keeping and when I'm keeping. It was fun, he was saying something as he always does.

Ishan Kishan is the Man of the Match.

Kieron Pollard: Boult was excpetional. That's his strength, bowling with the new ball. He's consistently given us good starts. Bumrah, I kept delaying him, on this track with his angles. He's jumping to bowl in the powerplays, but again I saw today getting those early wickets, and with the spinners getting grip, kept him for the middle overs. Each and every game Ishan is getting better and better. Long may it continue. Been able to adapt to different scenarios. Didn't even start at the beginning, then No. 4. He prefers to often, and he's adapting. Rohit is getting better, getting there. Start of the tournament you aim to get to the playoffs, and now it's about getting to the top two. We're rewriting history (a reference to their first win in Dubai, and also doing well in an "even year").

Trent Boult: Yeah a little bit of swing, once again not for too long. Nice to take wickets at the start and we didn't really let that pressure off. The wickets are getting nice to bowl on. Nice to put some pressure on and get wickets. Nice to be playing cricket, nice to be winning. Business end of the tournament, hopefully we'll carry the momentum.

Shreyas Iyer: I think we fell short at reading the wicket. We weren't up to the mark, those wickets in the powerplay took down the momentum. It was important that we built partnerships but it happened in bits and pieces. Lots of flaws to point out but we've got to believe in ourselves. You actually can't anticipate how the wicket's going to play right from the start. Once the openers get a momentum going, you can read it and 150-160 is a good score on these sorts of wickets. We'll have to be fearless [against RCB] and keep things simple. It's an important game for us, do-or-die depending on how they play today. Not thinking much about the future, trying to stay in the present.

Gautam: "Kishan reminds me of another young player, but unlike this other youngster Kishan is free to play the way he wants even when he fails (remember he has a golden duck and a couple of other low scores)"

Umesh: "Agree with Sidd. Mumbai have looked most complete team this tournament. I think this is the best team they've fielded across all IPL seasons so far."

Purv Negandhi: "Ishan absolutely loves this ground, with scores of 99 and 73*..fantastic knock young man"

Steve : "Think it's time for DC to move Stoinis to the top of the order their top 4 just aren't cutting it anymore"

4:57pm Mumbai up to 18 points with that, and Delhi drop below KXIP in terms of NRR. They stay in third place, but now have four losses in a row. They're still in the race for a top two spot if RCB lose tonight against SRH, but at the moment the calculations all seem futile. It has been listless, all through today. Mumbai blew them out of the water every over of this game. Ishan Kishan doing all the damage in the chase.

Nortje to Ishan, SIX runs

finishes it with a six! A sweet, sweet pick-up over square leg! That's a length ball into the stumps from around the wicket. Times that perfectly and the pace on that has sent it a long way back

Nortje to Ishan, no run

short of a length and into off stump. Inside edge on the attempted whip behind square leg

end of over 1410 runs
MI: 105/1CRR: 7.50 RRR: 1.00 • Need 6 runs from 36b
Suryakumar Yadav12 (11)
Ishan Kishan66 (45)
Praveen Dubey3-0-29-0
Ravichandran Ashwin4-0-18-0
Dubey to Yadav, no run

full and just outside off, driven with the turn to extra cover

Dubey to Ishan, 1 run

short and wide outside off, punched to long-off

Dubey to Yadav, 1 run

full on off stump, driven to long-off

Sidd: "Whether or not they end up winning the tournament, MI have been the most complete team this year. Not reliant on any one or two players, and just playing consistent old school cricket - nothing fancy. Great to watch"

Dubey to Ishan, 1 run

full on middle stump, whipped to deep square

Dubey to Ishan, SIX runs

full on middle stump, gets under this and smokes the slog sweep over the square leg boundary

Dubey to Yadav, 1 run

full on middle stump, driven to long-on

end of over 1310 runs
MI: 95/1CRR: 7.30 RRR: 2.29 • Need 16 runs from 42b
Suryakumar Yadav10 (8)
Ishan Kishan58 (42)
Ravichandran Ashwin4-0-18-0
Kagiso Rabada3-0-27-0
Ashwin to Yadav, 1 run

full on off stump, driven to long-off

Ashwin to Yadav, no run

full on off stump, driven to extra cover

Ashwin to Yadav, 2 runs

short of a length outside off, punched to sweeper's right

Ashwin to Ishan, 1 run

length at middle stump, pushed to long-on off the front foot

Ashwin to Ishan, FOUR runs

drilled past the non-striker. Length ball at middle stump, steps out to make the pitch of this and pumps it powerfully along the ground

Ashwin to Ishan, 2 runs

good length and pushed through quick at middle stump. Uses the angle for the lap sweep. Dhawan sprints to retrieve to his left

Ashwin back to finish his spell