South Group (N), Southampton, Jun 19 2015, NatWest t20 Blast
(18.4/20 ov)158/3
Sussex won by 7 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
89 (54)
Hampshire INNINGS (20 overs maximum)
Michael Carberry c Liddle b Mills1016182062.50
James Vince (c)st †Brown b Yardy41243452170.83
Jimmy Adams c †Brown b Machan21172011123.52
Owais Shah c †Brown b Robinson36263521138.46
Sean Ervine c Robinson b Beer55600100.00
Adam Wheater c Machan b Robinson26232840113.04
Will Smith not out 97810128.57
Gareth Berg not out 52210250.00
Extras(lb 1, w 3)4
TOTAL(20 Ov, RR: 7.85)157/6
Fall of wickets: 1-32 (Michael Carberry, 4.5 ov), 2-65 (James Vince, 8.4 ov), 3-76 (Jimmy Adams, 9.6 ov), 4-86 (Sean Ervine, 11.5 ov), 5-140 (Owais Shah, 17.5 ov), 6-150 (Adam Wheater, 19.1 ov)
Ollie Robinson403729.25105110
Chris Liddle402907.2594000
Tymal Mills302518.3383110
Michael Yardy402616.50101100
Will Beer403017.5092100
Matt Machan10919.0011010
Sussex INNINGS (target: 158 runs from 20 overs)
Ben Brown c Ervine b Berg25100040.00
Luke Wright (c)c Smith b Wood3540060.00
Mahela Jayawardene c †Wheater b Wood4541080.00
Craig Cachopa not out 89545774164.81
Matt Machan not out 52455331115.55
Extras(b 4, nb 4)8
TOTAL(18.4 Ov, RR: 8.46)158/3
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Luke Wright, 1.1 ov), 2-12 (Mahela Jayawardene, 1.6 ov), 3-14 (Ben Brown, 2.5 ov)
Will Smith402606.5080101
Chris Wood302729.0075000
Gareth Berg402416.0071000
Yasir Arafat3.4037010.0964101
Danny Briggs4040010.0031300
The Rose Bowl, Southampton
TossSussex, elected to field first
SeriesNatWest t20 Blast
Player Of The Match
Craig Cachopa
Craig Cachopa
Hours of play (local time)19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.15, Interval 20.15-20.30, Second Session 20.30-21.45
Match days19 June 2015 - night (20-over match)
England Image
Ben Debenham
England Image
Steve O'Shaughnessy
PointsSussex 2, Hampshire 0