Only T20I (N), Sydney, Feb 15 2009, New Zealand tour of Australia
(20 ov, target 151)149/5
Australia won by 1 run
player of the match
end of over 2012 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 149/5CRR: 7.45 
Nathan McCullum10 (4)
Grant Elliott23 (30)
Nathan Bracken4-1-16-0
Ben Hilfenhaus4-0-32-1

New Zealand lose by one run, and that catch from Voges changed things for the home team. 25 were needed off three overs at that stage and McCullum had helped take 20 off the previous over from Hopes. However, Elliot struggled, and Bracken bowled brilliantly throughout to ensure Australia got home eventually. Thanks for tuning in, it's been great bringing you the entire tour. From all of us here at Cricinfo, it's goodbye.

Bracken to McCullum, SIX runs

massive six! A little too late though, short on middle and off, pulled away over the deep midwicket boundary for a big one!

Eight needed off the last ball, impossible unless he bowls a wide or a no-ball here

Bracken to McCullum, FOUR runs

gets a boundary, sorry but that's not quite enough!! Full on middle and leg, dragged away wide of square leg, went all along the ground there

Two sixes needed from here one

Bracken to McCullum, no run

hats off to Bracken! Short on middle and off, goes for the pull, misses yet again, Haddin prevents the single

12 needed off 3

Bracken to Elliott, 1 leg bye

slower ball bowled full on middle and off, cutting away, gets down on one knee to smack it over midwicket, hit on the pads as he fails to pick the slower one, a missed opportunity there

Bracken to McCullum, 1 leg bye

full on the pads, tries to chip it away over the in-field on the leg side, is rapped on the pads and can only manage a leg bye towards cover

14 needed off 5. Nathan McCullum walks in

Bracken to Elliott, OUT

run out, slower offcutter bowled on a good length outside off, came forward to slog it over midwicket, runs for the single but Haddin throws down the stumps at the striker's end with an under-arm flick to find the batsman well short

James Franklin run out (†Haddin) 3 (6m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

Bracken, who's been thrifty thus far, will bowl the last over. New Zealand need 14 to win

end of over 196 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 137/4CRR: 7.21 RRR: 14.00 • Need 14 runs from 6b
James Franklin3 (3)
Grant Elliott23 (28)
Ben Hilfenhaus4-0-32-1
Nathan Bracken3-1-6-0
Hilfenhaus to Franklin, no run

swing and a miss, full outside off, held its line, tried to hit through the line and dismiss it over the long-on boundary, failed to make contact there

Hilfenhaus to Franklin, 2 runs

full outside off, chipped over the in-field wide of deep cover for a couple

Hilfenhaus to Elliott, 1 run

slow full toss on the off stump, he could have smacked that anywhere but instead he gently pushes it to mid-off for a single

Hilfenhaus to Franklin, 1 run

yorker on middle, dug out in the leg side for a quick single

Hilfenhaus to Franklin, 1 wide

bouncer banged in short on middle, tries to upper cut that over the keeper, misses, a touch too high there and rightly given a wide

James Franklin to face

Hilfenhaus to Elliott, 1 run

full outside off, reaches for it and strokes it down to deep cover for a single

The batsmen crossed there, and Elliot is now on strike

Hilfenhaus to McCullum, OUT

Superb catch! Could that be the decisive moment?? Full outside off, struck away straight to Voges at long-on, he takes it just inside the ropes but loses his balance, throws the ball up in the air to ensure he doesn't carry it over the boundary, trips on the way forward but retains his composure to pouch it comfortably back again, kept his cool throughout there and has possibly turned the match in Australia's favour here

Brendon McCullum c Voges b Hilfenhaus 61 (71m 47b 5x4 2x6) SR: 129.78

20 needed off 12. Hilfenhaus to bowl the 19th over.