1st Test, Ahmedabad, Nov 4 - 8 2010, New Zealand tour of India [Nov 2010]
487 & 266
(target 295)459 & 22/1
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
69, 1/112 & 115
end of over 105 runs
NZ: 22/1CRR: 2.20 
BJ Watling2 (26)
Brendon McCullum11 (28)
MS Dhoni 1-0-5-0
Suresh Raina 1-0-1-0

Please note what Harbhajan had to say about Laxman. He somehow brings the best out of the tail. It is just the calm, the positivity he brings. And that, sadly, is that. It was not the greatest Test, but it was fun. This is Sidharth Monga saying goodbye, leaving you with this warning from Nathan. "The rumours that Justin Green is being flown in for the second test are absolute rubbish. He got his 747 license 2 years ago. He's flying himself in." So, be afraid, be very afraid

Time for presentation

Narendra Modi, a top-ranking GCA official, is on the podium. I don't know why, but Daniel Vettori has been invited for the first interview. He says, "I am proud how the guys stepped up at times when we needed them. Jesse and Kane with the bat, and Chris martin with the ball yesterday, giving us a small chance of victory. Unfortunately it was always going to be difficult with the injures, even Kane went down with the injury. We will have to call replacements in, and we need a team that can stand on the park. It's important we continue from this performance, we can't afford to rest on whatever laurels from here."

MS Dhoni: "That one hour yesterday we didn't play well, but VVS Laxman and Harbhajan thankfully rescued us. It was very difficult to get wickets here. There was no reverse either because of the soft outfield. All credit to Chris Martin, he was the lone wolf, taking those five wickets. Last night I told Bhajji that this could be the most important innings in the series. We knew what Laxman is capable of, but we needed him to stand with him. Hoping Hyderabad to be a better track. We did our best to make this match interesting through that collapse, but hoping that the next match doesn't need our help."

And MoM, for his figures of 1 for 122, is Harbhajan Singh. "Never dreamt I would be MoM for batting, not in Tests, maybe in the one-dayers. Fantastic to get my hundred. A big thanks to Laxman, without whom I would not have scored this. And also a big thanks to Sachin, Viru, and everyone who wanted me to score a century. Today I didn't disappoint them. Laxman was tapping my shoulder after every over, it was great to have him there. Because of him only, I got those runs. I couldn't celebrate much because I was too tired. My hands are a little sore because I have never batted that long. More than the hundred, I was happy we saved the game. Yesterday it seemed we were out of the game."

Back to serious things, well done to New Zealand for the show after everybody and their distant aunt had written them off. But, as PG Wodehouse said, "Aunts aren't gentlemen". At least their coach wouldn't be saying they played like, well, you-know-what.

And well done to VVS Laxman and Harbhajan Singh. It's increasingly becoming routine affair for Laxman to come out in crisis and pull India through. Harbhajan's century, and especially the celebrations, were entertaining. If only the pitch had some more life in it, Laxman would have been tested more today, and it would have been more fun. We will have the quotes from the presentation soon

Hand shakes all around, and it has been good to see the friendly atmosphere through the match, even when it got tense at times. And Stefan finally concedes, "Ok, maybe we arent all that pathetic...." I love his series of "pathetic" comments because I don't know who "we" is

Dhoni to Watling, no run

yorker, and he has kept it out, and it's called off. So long, and thanks for all the fish

Dhoni to Watling, no run

fuller, outside off, played to cover

Dhoni to Watling, 5 wide

huge wide down the leg side. It would have taken Raina standing on the shoulders of Raina, then putting a full-length dive, to collect it

Dhoni to Watling, no run

closer to the stumps, respectfully played

Dhoni to Watling, no run

shortish outside off, 120ks, defended

Dhoni to Watling, no run

short again, into the body, pushed to leg

Dhoni to Watling, no run

back of a length, defended to off

MS Dhoni bowling, and Suresh Raina keeping! And he doesn't even bend, just stands upright while keeping

end of over 91 run
NZ: 17/1CRR: 1.88 
Brendon McCullum11 (28)
BJ Watling2 (20)
Suresh Raina 1-0-1-0
Pragyan Ojha 3-2-1-0

Ben: "I don't know about Zulqarnain Haider, but last I heard Justin Green was practising keeping wicket, to himself. At his 160k+ I hope he has a good glove sponsor."

Raina to McCullum, no run

full, on the crease, digs it out

Raina to McCullum, no run

another block off the back foot

Raina to McCullum, no run

stays back to bock this

Raina to McCullum, no run

back of a length, defended back to the bowler

Raina to McCullum, no run

defended outside off

Raina to Watling, 1 run

Raina to bowl. Pitched up outisde leg, deflected for one

Hopefully, last over coming up